2013 Was Epic

This time last year my mind was in a whirlwind. I knew going into 2013 there were two major hurdles ahead of me/us. Number 1 was moving and 2. was becoming an AKA. Both were up in the air and I had no idea how or if either would happen.

My level of faith in 2013 was like no other. We started building a house that we didn’t end up moving in because God blessed us with THE HOUSE that had everything that we needed AND wanted after looking at 1,687,467 houses that didn’t work.


If I told you the amount of money and all of the little minute details that had to come together for us to short sale our old house and get into this one was mind boggling. We didn’t know how it would work out but to short sale a house without missing a payment and to close on both within 1 week of each other and get money back was nothing BUT GOD!!! My level of faith is on another level. The process was stressful but as a result I am forever changed in my level of believing.

Shortly after moving I got word that I would start the process to become an AKA. October 27, 2013 I finally got my letters after wanting to be an AKA for nearly 15 years and trying consistently for the last 5 I was just so thankful for the manifestation of my dreams coming true.


UGA Probate

2013 was a great year. It had challenges but I learned and persevered through them all. I met amazing people, connected with blog buddies, had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands on the blog, learned about myself and became a better wife and mother.


Loving the Crew

Dea Lashawn Adriene

I am looking forward to 2014. I have many projects that I am working on including growing this small little piece of real estate on these internet/blog streets. I contemplated letting this place go then Go Daddy auto deducted the amount for my hosting so you are stuck with me for at least another year. I got a makeover and I’m ready to roll, if you are reading in a reader come take a look. Lipgloss and Binky got beat and snatched with her new look!  Thank you to all of you who continue to come here and read and leave comments. I appreciate you.

Happy New Year to you. I hope 2014 brings you all that you desire. Remember always believe and keep the faith!

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Mom, wife and friend. I moonlight as a cooker, baker, laundry folder and organizer. I like to think I do it in style. Unlikely Martha is my contribution to the internet in helping women "Keep House and Stay Fly!"


  1. Happy New Year and congrats in eveything 2013 brought your way, looking forward to 2014 with this amazing blog, thank God for another year with you!!

      1. Girl!!! Life took over, I was sick during Thanksgiving, up in your neck of the woods with the hubbie for his job and moving so I’m just getting everything settled! IM BACK!!!!!! why does it feel like I have known you forever?! My hubbie said girl, you calling her by her first name like yall been friends for over 20 years!! LOL

  2. Hi Mimi!
    I’m so glad you didn’t let the blog go because you’re my friend in my head. You do a great job at capturing life’s moments and making them both relevant and meaningful. I’m no wife or mother, but I’m well on my way since my wedding is 4/2014 and your blog inspires me. Keep up the good writing, that is unless God is calling you to do something else, in that case, it is what it is.

    1. Oh Anastasia, it is comments like these that keep my and my foolery alive and well on these here interwebs. Thank you so much, congrats on your upcoming wedding and life changes. Whatever you do…don’t lose yourself too much in the process. Trust ya girl! Thanks for reading and coming by here. I truly appreciate it.

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