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"Fall"ing For New Decor

Fall is almost here!! With its pending arrival, I have been giving quite a bit of thought to economical ways in which I can redecorate my home for the new season. The major focal point in my living room is the fireplace, so naturally adding some autumnal pizazz to the mantle will add some color […]

Ain’t Misbehavin

Soooo…let me start by saying, prior to my son starting school, I gave myself a mind pep talk that I would never be the type to say, “not my child” before knowing the situation. Go figure last week I had to eat my words a couple of times..oh well we live and learn! Four out […]

Nana Puddin’

Tuesday night after a few mishaps and whateva’s, I managed to pull off baked honey barbecue wings, vanilla rice and a homemade banana pudding *patting myself on the back*!! As the saying goes, things do get a little better with practice. I hardly call three days of completing recipes a whole lot of practice but […]