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Hope your Thanksgiving went well. For the very first time I cooked all of the food except for the turkey. Our spread included turkey, macaroni and cheese, dressing, collard greens, sweet potato souffle, potato salad, cranberry sauce, rolls and apple pie.

I am very proud of myself. The food tasted really good. I know I can do it now. Big shout out to Kita over at Saywhatuwanna for the sweet potato recipe.

We ate around 3 and layed around. Around 7 my son dragged us outside to put up the outdoor Christmas lights. We looking like the Griswold’s over here. Things just randomly placed but its what he wants…Tis the season

I told myself that I wouldn’t get suckered into the Black Friday foolery but low and behold as I type this I am fully dressed and will head out the door shortly after I hit publish. I live not far from an outlet and every year they do a midnight madness and the deals are like no other. I came across a coupon I had for Carter’s and the store is 60% plus I can use the 20% coupon so we’ll just say every child will have something from Carters. There is also a Children’s Place, Gap, Old Navy, Aeropostale and a few other good stores that literally give away clothes during the wee hours so out I head.

If I get some really good stuff I’ll do a vlog tomorrow with my findings.

I sincerely hope you and yours had an awesome day and are looking forward to the hustle and bustle of the next 4 weeks. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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  1. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and glad to help. I only wanted some more games for the boy so glad I am done with the bulk of everything. Good luck in that madness near the outlet. I went last year and I lost a lot of weight walking because I could not park close.
    kita recently posted..Happy Thanksgiving

  2. “We looking like the Griswold’s over here. Things just randomly placed but its what he wants…Tis the season” (yup, still cant quote right..gonna study some more *fail*)

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