Building The House…Episode 6

Much has changed since my last post. Not so much on the construction end but from my mental space regarding this process although I am sure it will change again. However at THIS moment I am in a good space.

Ultimately I know that in MY life all things come from God. ALL things. With that I have to leave this process in His hands and do what I can. Letting go is such a necessary evil, and these past few weeks have shown me that in more ways than one. I’m forcefully having to accept and swallow this horse pill but I’ve been praying and this week has been good.

The bank finally responded and basically approved us for the option to skip three payments. Once we skipped those three payments they would consider us for the short sale.

Nope. Not an option. We can’t miss any payments. After that news I got in contact with another agency that specializes in short sales and I was ready to send them our paperwork when the sales agent called to say she had been swamped and profusely apologized for her lack of attention to our file and that she would be contacting the bank on our behalf to complete the process.

We have decided to let her proceed putting our faith where it belongs and hoping for the best. Our lot still has not been graded but building is well under way in the first phase. It is really looking like January for the foundation to be poured with a closing date sometime in March or April. We need all of the time we can get!


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  1. Glad you are moving forward! Remember all things work according to God’s plan! So even when we are frustrated that things aren’t going our way, God knows the outcome already. He is working it out!

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