Building the House Episode 7

It has been a minute since I’ve done an update on our house situation and oddly enough nothing has changed. When I say nothing has changed I mean the physical status but the wheels behind the scenes continue to turn.

After my last update we finally decided to give up on the original agent and I submitted our paperwork to a business in the area that promised they could get a short sale done for us without us being delinquent on a payment. I gathered together all of the 4,872,129 pieces of documentation that they needed and sent it on.

Within two days I was contacted by an agent who wanted to come and take photos of the house to put it on the market. I had to delay her a few days. However, after our conversation it was decided that based on the market need in our area this house would likely sell before the new one was finished. After speaking with the underwriter we have decided to wait on putting the house on the market until the concrete has been poured at the new house.

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Still we wait. But I am taking this as a lesson that God is really trying to show us that He controls all of the timing of things in our lives. In my haste I went through all of this trouble to get someone else to list the house and in the end I made more work for myself because the outcome remained the same. I’m not sure when they plan to pour the concrete, and I don’t plan on asking. I am receiving my lesson and letting everything take its course. I am understanding that although there is no physical manifestation at this time there is certainly a growth in faith and expectation.

So we wait!

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  1. I’ve also had to learn this lesson and I’m more than glad that I did. Now, I do what I need to do and wait for God to deliver. Patiently. I’ve learned to trust in God because he has a plan for me. The ultimate plan. And to be honest, life is so much easier with this mentality.

    I’m waiting and praying with you, Mimi!
    Carla recently posted..Well, Hello January!

  2. Yes, trust that what is supposed to happen will. Things will fall into place at the right time, although it is hard to see that being the case when you feel like nothing is happening. I am still learning many lessons from my short sale that has not yet turned into a sale, however I have faith and patience now. Something I didn’t have in the beginning. I’ve learned to have patience and continuous positive thoughts and now things are starting to fall into place. Things will get better and fall exactly where they need to at the right time. Trust! Happy New Year!
    Monica J recently posted..Happy New Year! Family Fun in 2013

  3. Yes, God works on his own timetable! I’ve had to learn that lesson, and I am still learning that lesson! Can’t wait to see what HE has in store for you this year!
    LaShawn recently posted..New Life

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