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In True Legging Fashion

I work at home, which equates to I don’t get out much and when I do get out most often its for things like running errands and chauffeuring kids around. I was never into the yoga pant thing but leggings? I love what I call legging fashion. I live in leggings and I have no […]

Thrifted jewelry

thrifted jewelry finds

Thrifting over the years has been good to me. I’ve lucked up on some gems especially in the jewelry department. If you are looking for unique and cheap pieces now is the time to start snooping around your local area thrift stores. The all familiar purge and declutter movement is kicking up steam all across […]

Thrifted Mixed Prints

I can’t wait for the day when my Sundays become free again so I can peruse the aisles of my local thrift and consignment shops. Thrifting is soothing for me and I have gotten away from it in the last year or so but seeing as how I purged and never replaced many of my […]