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Spring Landscape Cleaning

I’ve mentioned before what a hot mess my yard looked like when we moved into this home a little over a year ago. Overgrown bushes turned into trees, random debris and rabid rose bushes throughout the yard are just a few of the major infractions, that I’m surprised weren’t cited by the HOA. The fall […]

Container Gardening Tips

I know you read the title and thought it is nearly freezing outside why would anyone be thinking about gardening but I’m here to tell you I am starting to plan out my garden for this year. Last year was my first year and I had a great yield. I poorly documented it as life […]

Container Gardening Plans

Peeks of Spring have been playing mind tricks on us here in the Atlanta area. Days warming into the near 70s followed by dreadful 40s the next. While Mother Nature is being a little schizo, the truth of the matter is Spring will eventually come and it has me thinking about the plans for my […]