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FOUR | Blogiversary Musings

On August 10, 2010 I wrote my first blog post. I never imagined after clumsily navigating my way through Blogger  that I would be here 4 years later. NEVER. Four years is a long time. Let’s put that into perspective. I was 31, I’m now 35. Addison was 3 months, she’s now 4. Adrian was […]

Back to School Days

August 4th and August 5th symbolized the first day of 3rd grade and Pre-K for Adrian and Addison. I would be telling a huge tale if I didn’t disclose the fact that I walked Adrian to the bus stop with a smile on my face and and nearly skipped while walking Addison into her classroom […]

Homework Space Progress

My goal was to have the room completed by the start of school. I didn’t meet that deadline, what’s new. However I do get an A for almost. By the first day of school the desk was attached to the wall and there were chairs. Although I’m not totally sold on the wall color that […]