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Less Stress, and More Togetherness

Ever looked up to realize it has been months since you made a phone call to a good friend, or took the time out to get together with a girl friend? No?  Me either. Life in all of its glorified “busy ness” can indirectly keep us from the things and people that are most important […]

Weekend WrapUp

What up?!! How was Thanksgiving? I am proud to announce that we found somewhere to eat. We actually had dinner with my god-mother and god-brother. Seeing that I have little family it is always good to spend time with them. They remind me that I have people who care for me here in Atlanta since […]

Weekend WrapUp

How was your weekend? This weekend was rather chill. Saturday morning my husband took my stepdaughter home :-(. This is one indication that summer is quickly coming to close. While he was traveling down south, I was at the builder handling some issues with our new home. I’ll go in detail later this week. For […]