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Zara Maxi Dress

my new favorite dress

This heat lately. Y’all know I love my plants and lets just say they’ve all burned up, so the sun and I aren’t on particularly good terms right now. I’m so thankful for the ability to avoid the outdoors at all costs and I have been practicing my right to stay inside during the hottest […]

Shein Dress

a shift in color

I’m trying to inject more color into my wardrobe. I mean when a man notices you only wear gray, black and white I think a little color never hurt anyone. I’m still sticking with my shift dresses though. Won’t be making any adjustments to that obsession any time soon. Sunday the Mr. and I stepped […]

classic & plain style

My husband is very attentive and will blurt out random facts at his discretion. As I was heading to Target one day he asked if I owned clothes that weren’t denim, white, black, gray, striped or plaid. I hadn’t really ever noticed that I am drawn to said clothing descriptors but I like what I […]