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Closed Doors?

I shall be a little in my feelings today. No pretty pictures just an emotion and epiphany that came over me last week about allowing people into your space read opening and closing the doors to your peace of mind. With much anxiety I made the decision to shut some people out of my life. […]


Happy Valentines Day!! Love is so complex, and encompasses so much that I am never really able to put the fullness that it gives me into words. It is like one of those unspoken things, you know it when you have it and *in my Jill Scott voice*…and I know, what I know…and I know […]

A Little Too Open Minded?

How was your weekend? Mine was low key with nothing spectacular and blog worthy so I am going to pose a question to you that I have pondered a bit since having a conversation with a friend of mine. I rarely, okay practically never bring *whispers* the S word around here but lets talk a […]


September 2nd marks seven years that the Mr. and I have been married. The road has been long, bumpy, narrow, wide, and non existent at times but I am happy to say that it is now paved with asphalt and we have truly reached that point in our marriage where I would like to believe […]