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Race and Change

I admire people who say they don’t see color when it comes to people. I have often speculated what that might feel like because being truthful I know nothing about that. Before I move on let me clarify I don’t have a racist bone in my body but when I look at people I definitely […]

No Explanation Needed

I tell you one thing that really makes me angry is when I tell people that I don’t work and they come back with the saying…”Must be Nice” with a hint of sarcasm. See, the problem with this is people always look at outward appearances never considering the struggles one might have overcome to be […]


Lately my mind space has been occupied with a dilemma I’ve been having regarding my relationship with another individual. In the past, said person has spewed some pretty hurtful words and even more shady actions.  After receiving what I felt was a heartfelt apology about their uncouth behavior and lack of civility, I was under the impression […]