Co-Sleep = No-Sleep

We semi co-sleep. As in, she starts off in her bed and migrates to ours sometime in the wee hours of the morning. Remember this….

Yeah, so since she has free reign to remove herself from her now toddler bed I welcome her sweet face into our bed when she feels the urge, which is every night.

She is my last baby and I adore feeling her little body nestled under mine as I enjoy my tiny sliver of bed real estate which is usually on the very edge. Her feet in my back or my hair tangled in her hand. I really do. I enjoy these moments because I will never experience them again.

I write this at 4:30 a because she punched me in my face in my sleep and now I’m up. PUNCHED! Yes, my face is hurting. I wanted to cry. I didn’t know what hit me, and to think she never woke up. The sleep place violence is becoming increasingly and increasingly more prevalent and I know I can’t make her stay in her bed so I need some suggestions. My son slept with my mother when she was alive and when she died we didn’t have an issue with him he was old enough to stay in his own bed.

How did you rectify the bed bullying?

Signed Tired, Weary, and Abused

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  1. Have you thought about getting one of those toddler sofa beds & putting her on that when she comes in the room? Of course you could always make a barrier out of pillows but that would eat into your already small sliver of the bed. Would getting a bigger bed be an option?

    It could take a while b4 she gets comfy enough to sleep in her own room. Moo is a rough sleeper as far as tossing & turning go but we’ve never had any sleep abuse issues.
    YUMMommy recently posted..Making Progress

  2. I feel your pain. After being kicked in the face a few times Kj had to go. He still doesn’t sleep in his own bed but he’s in his padded pack and play. We had to keep putting him in it instead of our bed. It worked after about a week. You just have to be persistent, which is hard when they give you the sad face/cry.
    Kym recently posted..Beauty Wishlist

  3. This post is beyond funny and the picture featured it the absolutely adorable! My 4 month old was evicted from my bed recently, and I feel relieved. I can now get a little shut eye. I would suggest, sleeping in her room for a few days or weeks until she’s comfortable being in there by herself. I do completely see your point about enjoying these moments.
    Keep us all posted on what you end up doing?
    Patrice recently posted..What Is Your Parenting Style?

  4. I never started that with Jas. She can not sleep with me unless she is not feeling well and I know she needs snuggles. I’m not gonna give up my sleep for her. I refuse! lol

    I have no advice to give since I’ve never had a child as a bed mate. Sorry snookums! lol

  5. I’m in the exact same boat. I’m convinced the toddler bed is the devil. Little man creeps into our room at night when we’re too tired to argue. I cuddle up on the edge of the bed and he wraps his hand in my hair and takes over. Sounds like fun, right?
    Cam | Bibs & Baubles recently posted..I’m Watching You

  6. Taking notes because we’re now sharing our bed with my almost 4 year old and my 4 month old…you’d have thought I’d learned my lesson the first two times, right?

  7. When you find out, please let me know. Zee, is still in our bed. I’m happy to say that she doesn’t kick me, but I am her body pillow–even when I have to pee. Now as or Mr. C. he’s the punching bag. He feels your pain and I sympathize with you both.
    KalleyC recently posted..Extending The Olive Branch

  8. We always would take our son right back into his room. We slept on the floor sometimes in his room til he fell asleep, or sat on the edge of his bed and rubbed his back. It was just too much to get beaten by a toddler, so we did whatever to keep him in his room. Honestly it wasn’t too bad, we kept him in his crib until almost 3! He never tried to get out of it. lol
    We also offered incentives if necessary to stay in his toddler bed. In addition there is a night light, stuffed animals in the bed, and music playing in his room. It is a bed time ritual but it works!
    So with all that said, good luck my friend in finding what will work.
    Latorsha recently posted..Blog comment confessions

  9. Oh no! Sorry she beat you up. Nia does that to us too. She literally dislodged Uka’s eye from its socket once and she hits my eyes all the time. It’s surprising we don’t hear more about toddler-induced parent blindness/injuries in the news! We have to lower Nia’s crib STAT over here but don’t plan on the toddler bed until she’s 2. In our new place she’s suddenly showing an interest in just resting in our bed during the day. Don’t wanna promote that habit. LOL!
    Quiana recently posted..The Power of No (or Eliminating Time Wasters)

  10. Bless your heart! I’ve heard nightmares about kids never leaving their parents bed while I was pregnant, so…. I hardly EVER let baby sleep in the bed. Maybe fall asleep there occasionally, but I was a bedroom bully about keeping my son in his bed, lol
    Sha Boogie recently posted..Photo A Day!

  11. We’re long-time co-sleepers, so I know what you mean about being punched in the face! A body pillow helps us – I put it between me and the little one. The kiddo migrates toward me, so my husband doesn’t seem to need his own barrier. Love your blog, Lauren

    1. So its not just me. My husband is snoring and just sleeping his head off and I’m getting abused! I have a body pillow from when I was preggers. Didn’t think about that.

  12. Okay, first, that image cracked me up! I remember those days all too well. My toddler sleeps mostly in her bed now, but it is a challenge on some nights. What we’re doing now is having my husband sleep in her room with her if she wakes up, rather than bringing her to our room all of the time. I loved cosleeping while we did it, but I remember it getting tough towards the end with all of the punches and kicks and everything else.
    Jessica recently posted..Stumbles| A lesson in mothering for a second time

    1. I think that is the next step. I am going to get a small air mattress and I will just have to sleep in there with her or upgrade her to a twin bed so we both can fit and then I can just sneak out. I hope it works!

  13. I remember these days. I felt the same way about my third baby. I didn’t mind so much that he slept with us -until he started kicking me all.night.long! Then I put a baby gate in front of his bedroom door because he would try to sneak his way back into our bed. After a week of trying to figure out how to break down the gate, he eventually gave up. He’s five now, sleeps all dandy in his big boy bed! Kind of miss having to fight him off of me. 🙁

    1. See. I thought the baby gate would be an option but she is a climber. All I need for her is to climb over it and hurt herself. I am trying to enjoy these nights because they do grow so fast. I’m sure I’ll miss these moments when I am embarassing and she doesn’t want to be seen with me!!

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