F I V E Blogging Years + All Good Things Come to an End

On August 10, 2010 I hit publish on my first blog post ever. Never in a million, kabillion and trillion years did I think I would still be here. These five years have passed swiftly and have allowed me to connect with awesome women all over the globe, hone in on skills and passions I didn’t know I had and most importantly document my life in written and visual prose that will always be here when I am old and gray and my children are grown and gone. While there is the caveat of not living in the moment and trying to document everything for blog content there is the upside that you get to live those moments AND capture them for memories.

It is for these memories that I will continue to blog until I no longer have the desire, but Lipgloss and Binky as we know it is coming to an end. I started this blog when I was 31 Adrian was 4 and Addison was 3 months. We are now 36,  9 and 5 respectively. Just as they have grown, I have as well. When I started this blog I was not concerned with anything at all home, organization or cooking related. Five years later I am in a new place and keeping my home is just as high on the priority list as keeping myself fashionable and in the know. I’ve come full circle and I see myself growing into a woman who is more concerned with making sure her husband, children and home are all healthy and happy which in turn results in a happy Mimi.

I’ve said all of that to say, the name of this blog is changing. Addison is no longer needing a binky, after all she did just go to Kindergarten! The new name will encompass home, organization, DIY, fashion, beauty, life….I mean really the content won’t be changing much but it will be better branded and formatted. As I speak with women I realize that we all want organization and peace in our homes so I am looking to not only share my experiences but tips on how to keep things in order while looking fab. From a non cooking, disorganized woman to one who now yearns for order and good cooked meals this change is indicative of where I am in my life.

The blog name will be changing  on Sept. 1.  These next few weeks I will continue to post here with new and improved content. This URL will be redirected, not sure yet if the feed will be seamless so I will be reminding you over the next few weeks to sign up for the newsletter and follow on my SM sites because I would hate to lose some of you in the transition.

I understand everyone won’t make the move with me, but with those that I lose I will gain more. I’m looking forward to what is to come with my new brand and changes. I’ll still be the same Mimi, just a whole lot more focused on  encouraging women to build a well rounded existence that includes taking care of home and themselves.

Some of you have been here since the very beginning, and we’ve grown into friends. I’m looking forward to building more meaningful relationships with some of you through my little home and social media accounts on the web in the years to come. Cheers to F I V E more years…..maybe!




About the author
Mom, wife and friend. I moonlight as a cooker, baker, laundry folder and organizer. I like to think I do it in style. Unlikely Martha is my contribution to the internet in helping women "Keep House and Stay Fly!"


    1. Girl. I remember the first tweet you ever sent me for some reason, something to do with children never keeping socks on their feet. Remember our first play date, Addison was still in the stroller now them folks be bending corners up in here. Glad our paths crossed.

    1. You are one of those that I’ve “met” and will always consider a friend. Riding with you has been like having all of the feels for someone I’ve laid IRL eyes on. I have prayed many a night for you and Lil TDJ so happy our paths have crossed!

    1. 5 years seems like so long when you think about it. Thank you for all of the tips that you’ve shared with me. This community has been amazing, so much so I can’t help but to change rather than let go.

  1. Yes!! Change is growth. Congratulations and best of wishes on any and all future endeavors!! I’ll certainly be following Mimi!!

  2. Girl you almost scared me for a moment because I thought you were going to stop blogging!!!! But I completely understand why you want to change your name, I want to do the same too since I’m not all about product reviews. Change is good and congrats to 5 years of blogging and cheers to more years!
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  3. Ok — first glance I had to skip to the part that provided an explanation other than what I initially thought. I almost picked up my phone and sent you a text saying, “Nah”. LOL! I’m glad that you’re sticking around — your blog is one of my absolute favorites and you have inspired me more than you will ever know. I can’t wait to see what’s in store. (:

    1. No, you have inspired me. To see you over these years blossom into this wonderful, strong woman makes me happy. If I did leave this place you know where to find me! Love Ya

  4. I met you here. I love watching your growth over the years. I actually remember when cooking was not your thing and look at you know. The way God has blessed you over these years is nothing short of amazing! I’m so proud of you!

  5. Awwwww go Mimi. I’m so happy to be in this journey with you. You inspire me to go the distance. I just spotted the baskets to get my pantry in order. FINALLY! Guess I should by them.

    Looking forward to another 5 + years.

  6. Congratulations on 5 years blogging! I’ve always enjoyed your stories and photos and I’m loking forward to your next chapter. Wishing you lots of success!

  7. MIMI, you play too much!! I thought you were going to say you weren’t blogging anymore 🙁 Ok, so I am so excited for his new journey and I will continue to be here and post a comment for you! As much as I love this blog, I am pretty sure I will love the new one as well!!! We still need to meet up, I may be your way in Oct., I will let you know.

    1. I already told you to go ahead and take that leap, you won’t regret it especially if you have been thinking about it for awhile.

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