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I am a proud HBCU graduate. The rich history and traditions of Historically Black Colleges and Universities span hundreds of years and across familial generations. Showing pride for the legacy that defines HBCUs and their origination consists of untold stories of trendsetters and trailblazers that didn’t let the color of their skin dictate their right to a quality education. Following in the steps of these phenomenal individuals  makes that pride burn even brighter. If you’ve ever known an HBCU graduate you know we stay hype and our rivalries are strong.  The history of our institutions of higher learning are rich, complicated and vast. Our loyalty goes beyond a name, it hinges on a rich history of  black men and women who fearlessly educated themselves, served our communities and dared to disrupt the idea of what society at the time said an educated person looked like. Some of this world’s greatest inventions were created by these genius minds.

It was on thee highest of 7 hills in Tallahassee, FL at Florida A&M University that I was introduced to adult life, its hard knocks, life long friendships, hangovers, trap music, my husband …..a degree.

Two weeks ago my husband,  two of my best friends, and I took a road trip back to where we all connected for a little homecoming action.

HBCU homecomings are a phenomenon in their own right. Stepping back onto campus brought back all kinds of memories. Memories of that time I got out of my car and my heel broke, and recollections of club behavior  when we had to link arms to make it back to the car, and those times when you were her eyes and ears when he was seen across town. You know, when you honed your  ride or die homegirl skills.

…….. and the exact area where I heard my now husband yell out, ” Aye, Mimi.”

So. Many. Memories.

FAMU Homecoming

An HBCU homecoming is an amazing mash up of loud music, good food, and vendors. It’s best described as a cultural experience.

FAMU Homecoming



FAMU Homecoming

I remember it being warm during homecoming but this year the record heat curbed my enthusiasm for going to the game. When I say it was hot, it had to be close to 95 degrees without a cloud in the sky, and against my better packing judgement I didn’t pack a pair of shorts. Sitting in that stadium with jeans on was a recipe for heat stroke so I passed.

I took one for the culture team,  grabbed a watermelon lemonade, some shade and a seat for a little people gazing.

FAMU Homecoming


FAMU Homecoming

FAMU Homecoming


FAMU Homecoming

We had grand plans of partying Saturday night away, instead we opted for a girls night in complete with delivered food, laughs and sleep. This getting old thing makes things so simple. I can’t wait to go back next year. I was called Ma’am a few times so that was a rude awakening that I am not to be confused with the younger homecoming set. Next year I’m trying to be up in the parking lot with the old alumni and their RVs. I’m glamping to homecoming next year. Watch.

What college did you go to? Did you enjoy your college experience? When was the last time you went to your school’s homecoming?


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  1. I went to mine and stayed 2 hours and then I had to go. To many young folk and I am like what are y’all doing. I felt old and didn’t fit in lol. That chicken look good.

  2. I went to Ga State for undergrad and Auburn for grad school. Undergrad was okay, I enjoyed grad school much better.
    Auburn was doing well in football and the tailgating was GREAT!
    AU even had a Black Homecoming. I went to both Homecomings 2 yrs ago, I usually go to SpelHouse, since my hubby graduated from Morehouse.

  3. I went to Winthrop. My girls and I have plans to go to homecoming this year. It will be the first one I’ve been to since graduating and only my 2nd time back on campus. I’m looking forward to it!

  4. I went to the military, but my husband went to the illustrious FAMU!! So I got a lil orange in green in my blood 🐍🐍

  5. I went to my homecoming this year for the first time since I left (15 years ago). I had the Best time. I graduated from NCCU-Eagle Pride Amplified!!!!

    1. This was my first time in about the same amount of years. I forgot how lit homecoming is! I don’t plan on missing any more if I can help it.

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