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For the past few days I have been in deep thought about my feelings regarding the Trayvon Martin case. It should be said and understood that as a mother my heart aches for his parents to have lost a child under such circumstances with so many unanswered questions.

My feelings in question lie with the “movement”. The hoodies, the skittles, the ice tea…..

See. Everytime something happens people want to rally for the cause and when the cause becomes a has been so does the crowd. See nothing will ever change until there is a movement and not just a moment. While I agree that Zimmerman at least should be in police custody there is a law that is prohibiting his arrest.

Well, when that law was being presented, half of the vigilantes had no idea it was on the ballot or furthermore don’t know who their congressmen are or even how the process works. All they know is a black boy was killed by someone who was non black and they were off and running.

When will people get that change starts at the bottom. Marching yes brings awareness, I agree. Yet awareness that doesn’t turn into action is futile. Just like I am sure we can count on two hands and two feet how many people out there rallying are really about that life.

That life of sacrifice and working for the betterment of all mankind. There are thousands of Trayvons, and there are equal number of parents whose stories will never be told…same story different place. No grassroots movements were set in motion for them. They were forced to bury their loved ones in the shadows and no one cared.

Then the whole racial profilling. Yes, racial profiling is wrong on many levels but please don’t be out yelling it to the masses and then in the next breath say “I don’t do business with black people” or ” I don’t want to live in a black neighborhood”. This is racial Why? They aren’t going to give you good service or they will break in your house.  If you are going to be about the life…Be.About.The.Life. Otherwise give your regards, say your prayers and start in your own backyard. That’s where real change occurs.

My cry is that if change is to occur start at home. Teach your children the importance of voting. Standing and speaking up for all people that don’t have a voice. If we are marching, march for ALL people who have a similar story. They all deserve justice to be served

I’m done.

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  1. I think the “movement” gives folks who think they have no power otherwise, a way to say “I’m doing something, I’m contributing ” to the cause. Yes, it’s fleeting, yes, they’ll forget about it as soon as it’s out of the news cycle for a while. But there will be some who stay with the cause. One’s who get more involved. And the movement will keep going.
    We do need to start at home. Especially with our black boys. We need to teach them the importance of using their voices by voting, we need to teach them about the struggles of their ancestors. They need to know that their voice counts. Not enough people were taught that as children by THEIR parents, because their parents don’t vote or get involved either. It’s a kind of selfishness. A “it’s not affecting me directly so why should I care” attitude. This is why we continue to have little or no progress, why there are so many Trayvons out there. You are right, the change does start at home.
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  2. Great points and it does start at home. I doubt if Zimmerman will be charged at this point but hopefully people will start to realize that voting at the bottom will stop things like this from happening again. I hope this movement will propel the African American community to at least start working together in business and we must stop killing our own and start within our own community.

  3. Very well spoken! I feel exactly where you are coming from. As a mother, this is a heart-wrenching situation. However, we must band together and create a movement rather than a moment (as you said) or this will continue to happen. We must do more than post pictures of ourselves on social media networks wearing hoodies and holding skittles and tea.

  4. There are so many laws on file that people are unaware of, and not sure about them when they are placed on the ballots. I like that you are reminding people about the importance of voting and understanding what you are voting for.
    Recently while driving through some old neighborhoods during a visit home, I was taken back to my younger days. I drove through a few neighborhoods that people would consider not living in and possibly become fearful or suspicious of the people out sitting on their own front porch. As I continued driving I drove pass a neighborhood I once lived in, my grandmother, and others I knew. AKA the projects. Then it made me think, would the people who know us now even bother with us then?
    And lastly, I agree we can’t change if we don’t initiate the change within our self first.
    Very timely post for me, and thought provoking. Thanks!
    Optimistic Mom recently posted..Finding the words to express my many emotions

  5. I agree with you. There are countless of parents who burry their child in silence and there is no movement. People are doing something now, because some just don’t know what else to do. Real change really must start at home. I agree with the previous posters–voting is important. Knowing what’s going in the political arena is important. Knowing the policies that are for and against the citizens (especially people of color) is essential. It’s hard to cry foul when you’re sitting on the sidelines and not even playing the game.

    Most importantly, we have to educate our young men. Not just about stopping the violence between the brothers, but to stop the violence period.

    With this case, yea, Zimmerman should be arrested. He wasn’t a law enforcement, and he was out looking for trouble in the name of protecting the neighborhood. It didn’t even sound like he identified himself as a neighborhood watch. As many times as they said he called, you would think he would identify himself.
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  6. Well said. I believe the “movement is more about hoodies and Skittles” than the loose interpretation of the law. People have gotten more into posing in hoodies than seeking the facts. Zimmerman committed a crime; that crime using a varied force than what is said to be inflicted upon him. Even if, Trayon Martin hit him first, the law states that he can only hit back, not shoot unless Trayvon was WITHIN the premises of his home, not outside. This this the loophole to “stand your ground” and “no requirement to retreat”. Zimmerman can be charged RIGHT NOW with aggravated battery and aggravated assault even if they assert that Trayvon was the aggressor.
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