I’m Baaaaaack!

Did ya miss me?!

Took a few weeks off to get well, enjoy the holidays and just reflect on my moves for 2014.

Christmas was well. We didn’t go all out for the children, each was given 3 gifts except for the baby. Lil Mama was blessed with 5 gifts, but she’s a baby still so yeah!

We decided moving forward that Christmas would be more about building traditions so Christmas Eve we made cookies



….roasted marshmallows



The baby woke at the crack of dawn. I tried to put her off for a few minutes. That Southern Comfort mixed with Hennessy had me sleeping goooooooood, you hear me? My son got a tablet, my stepdaughter a laptop and Addison got her own baby tablet better known as a Nabi




I’m glad the holidays are over. It always seems like life is suspended and then everything goes back to normal. Now I’m just counting down the days until school is back in session. These folks are driving me crazy over here.

How was your Christmas? Anything spectacular happen? Anybody get engaged? Anybody get a new car?

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  1. (I’m on the floor right now, Southern comfort and Hennessy…) Yeah, I think we’re going in the direction of three gifts next year. I also added this year going to the movies. Mini me and I went a day before Christmas, I really enjoyed the quality time with him and I want to make it a tradition. I tried to do the 25 days until Christmas this year and next year, I hope to have all of the supplies needed to make it run smoothly.

    1. What is this 25 until Christmas. I have to look it up. I’ve heard it mentioned but it looks like something I need to add to the schedule for next year.

      Don’t laugh at me and my Southern Comfort!!

  2. I think a lot of people went with a simple Christmas this year. It’s just too much fuss and stress. My kids received 2 gifts that they really wanted and one for all to share (Disney Infinity) We did 12 days till Christmas towards the end of the month and really enjoyed all the activities and family time that we had. That’s what’s really matters.

    Roasting marshmallows was on our list of activities as well and we burned every single one of them and loved it
    Prototype Mama recently posted..My top 25 favorite pins that I never tried?

    1. We have the Infinity system as well. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t quite figured out how it works. I love roasting marshmallows. I am sure we will do it a few more times before the winter is out.

  3. Jas got 5 gifts too. Next year I’m thinking I’m gonna get her a new tablet or she’ll get the Leap Pad Ultra because it does a little more than her Leap Pad 2 which she still loves.

    The holidays have been wonderful but I’m ready to start the new year. I hope you and the fam have a blessed one.
    krissy recently posted..Happy Holidays!

  4. Welcome back! Seems like you had a great Christmas. Our Christmas was fun, I didn’t have any gifts under the tree because my birthday is 4 days before Christmas and I’ve been getting major gifts throughout the month of December so that just fine with me. I opened all of Christmas gifts early anyway lol. Seems like your kids got great gifts! We got our son a tablet, case for it, a couple of puzzles and that was it because I knew he would get tons of gifts from family and he did. I’m all about the traditions of the holidays and also like to focus more on that than the gifts. Anywho a Happy New Years to you and your family!

    1. I find it so funny that we are getting our young children tablets and electronics. Just a sign of the times but just seems weird. Happy Belated Birthday! We need to get together soon.

  5. Love the new look! We did an “educational” Christmas. If it didn’t teach them something, they couldn’t get it. I think building traditions is what makes the holiday season so fun. We spent the day at home, hanging out in PJs. It was very relaxed and fun.

    Love your kitchen cabinets btw!

    Welcome Back!
    Tia recently posted..It’s Our Anniversary! Celebrating 8 Years…

    1. Nothing better than lounging around. If I felt like cooking that’s what we would’ve done, but we had to venture out to get some dinner!

    1. I’m telling you. Traveling during the holidays is awful. I just want to be home and out of the hustle and bustle of the season.

  6. Love the new look! We gave Moo & JJ 6 gifts each. The Mr tried to go over but I reigned him in. We finally got a car. I spent pretty much the majority of my birthday at the dealership but to God be the glory because we riding. Moo got to bake her birthday cake for Jesus like she had been asking & was too excited. JJ was not in a present opening mood on Christmas morning because we woke him up after everyone had slept in past 10.

    Overall, we had a lovely Christmas! My highlight was Moo knocking over the tree. I had been wanting a new prelit one for 2 yrs now. My wish is granted!
    K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy recently posted..Dreams, Visions And Resolutions 2014

    1. Woot!! A car. Yes Ma’am, you had a great Christmas. I was petitioning for a pre lit tree… I believe I lost. Mr. likes the smell of real trees.

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