In the New Year {Home Edition}

No Weekend Wrap Up this week. Nothing spectacular. The Mr. and I went out on a double duty date night on Friday. A good friend of mine was celebrating her birthday so we joined her and her husband and some friends for drinks and a night out on the town. Had my camera, took no photos. Sorry.

Saturday went grocery shopping and slept. Sunday drove to pick up my stepdaughter and slept and watched Real Housewives of Atlanta. While I was going about my business this weekend my mind was constantly thinking about the changes that I would like to see once the new year starts.

I am not one to jump on the whole New Years Resolution bandwagon but I have a few changes planned to commence once the apple drops.

Although approved, for financial reasons we have decided to stay in our current home for at least another year. With that epiphany I have decided our home is due for a makeover. I am currently in the throes of selecting a wall color for our master bedroom. The contenders are..

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Source: via Jennifer Lawler on Pinterest


I would also like to display photos in our home. I love shelving so I would like to use them as medium through which to display photos of our family and friends. Looooove these ideas.


Seing that I have a ton of things going on. I am only focusing on a few things at a time. These will be the first two things that we tackle. I would like to see the room painted before the new year. We’ll see.

Do you have any home improvement plans scheduled for the new year? I may or may not have been reading way too many home design and crafting blogs…Give me some of your favorites. By February this house will be on point!

How was your weekend?

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  1. I love the vie on the first wall! I too have decided that my house is due for a makeover. So Im starting with our den. Got new furniture and now CDub is eager to paint. One room at a time!And I’ve finally started Selecting photos to put up on the walls. My walls have been bare too long!
    Roses daughter recently posted..SOC Sunday: It Screams Walmart

  2. I think it’s a great idea for you to spruce up your current home! I actually plan to do the same thing in the coming months. I just need a change of scenery. I really like the chocolate color in the first picture! And definitely do the photos thing! It adds character to your home!
    The Pro Diva recently posted..Reward Yourself!!!

  3. I love all of the rooms, but I’m partial to the chocolate because our bedroom walls are chocolate and blue. My goal for our home this year is organization and to display more of our pictures. No major undertakings.
    My weekend was pretty uneventful and I liked it that way!

  4. My master bedroom is choice one. I love the color. It’s very rich and relaxing. It really gives it a grown abode feeling. I like the look and organization of picture two. Can’t wait to see your updates.
    Dr. Reginia recently posted..My TV and Me

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