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History often repeats itself. Sometimes repetition is good, sometimes its bad and sometimes it gives us comfort. Our trip to the strawberry patch last week was for comfort. I did good with Mother’s Day this year and I think part of it was due to the fact that it was also my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Coming to a place where I can embrace the circle of life as well as being at a happy place in my life made memories sufficient  this year.



One of the memories that always sticks out to me is the yearly tradition of picking strawberries. Every year my mother and I would head to the strawberry patch with my aunt and cousin in tow. We would spend the day there and she would come home and carefully wash the strawberries, while simultaneously boiling her Ball jars for canning. It was a process that I don’t fully remember but I just remember her, and us doing it together.



A few weeks before my mother died she took my son to the strawberry patch. I was too busy to go, had I known….



I thought no better tribute than to take my daughter on her first trip. Hoping she will have these memories of me when I’m gone. We had a great time and I left determined more than ever to start creating traditions of our own. Ones that will give my children sweet memories of me when I’m gone.



What are some family traditions that you keep going?

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  1. Love this its nice to make memories. My mom use to get me breakfast at burger king every pay day Friday it was a tradition. She started when I was around 8 all the way up to high school when she got sick the first time I had no one to take me but I still walked to burger king so I could keep up with the tradition. I even went when I started driving every other Friday. Now I take my son to get something to eat every Friday we get paid. Its nice to have traditions and to make our own. Hope your mothers day was good.
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  2. Love these. It’s great to start making great memories early. We really need to get to the strawbeerry parch now that we live close by.

  3. I think it’s great that you’re starting traditions with your little ones. It’s so sweet that you remember going to the Strawberry patch with your mom and I’m sure Addison will remember going with you. I don’t remember any traditions with my Mom when I was young or doing anything with Crystal when she was young (probably because I was just a kid myself). I should probably start thinking of some for me and Madison. Great photos, the strawberries look delish!
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  4. What a beautiful post with beautiful pictures! Your daughter is a cutie! My husband and I are trying to create some traditions as a couple, and I can’t wait to have some little ones to start creating memories. Thanks for sharing something so special.

  5. Gorgeous shots! I fondly and vividly remember picking strawberries each summer when I was a kid. My mom loves telling the story of me sitting in the strawberry bed as a baby eating the strawberries! I think it’s fantastic that you’re carrying on this tradition with your daughter!
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    1. My mom loved a good flea market. I am just getting into those but they are truly fun. Nothing like finding a diamond in the rough!

  6. That Addison, honey. Just CUTE. I’ll bet she is a MESS, too. 🙂

    What a great tradition to carry over with your own children. I try establishing traditions in my home, too, in hopes that one day my child(ren) will remember the importance of family and togetherness.

    It’s one of the greatest gifts we can give them.
    G K recently posted..Stitches

    1. How did you know she was a mess?!! She looks like it huh? She is a major piece of work but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She keeps life interesting and me on my toes!!

  7. I enjoyed reading this, maybe because now I can relate a little bit more than I could before. Things that my mother and I have done while she was still here are so sacred to me–beyond sacred. I guess it’s because now I realize that one day, I’ll have to leave as my mother did and as her mother did and I need to make sure I leave my own bit of sacredness. I need to make sure that when I’m gone, my children have more than enough good memories and traditions to reflect on to ease their sadness and their sorrow. My mom did a good job with that.

    I’m sure your children will remember every detail of you. You’re an awesome person and an awesome mom. Surely that’ll be unforgettable. (:
    Carla recently posted..The Art of Watching.

    1. Well thanks! I sure hope so. Sometimes I sit back and think about the things that stick out in my mind about my mother and they are the simplest of things. Like her combing my hair or painting my nails. We sometimes go all out, spending money and those won’t be the times they really remember. Being a mother is so hard.

  8. You’re such a good and thoughtful Mom! I’m glad you are continuing this tradition with A, especially. It’s good for Mommy and daughter to have their own sacred memories together. We didn’t have any traditions but she was always home when we got home from school and would at least pretend to listen to how our days went and it’s the first thing I ask Chunks when I get home.
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    1. Keyword is pretend!! My son will ramble on for 10 minutes in like one long run on sentence. Sometimes I just say unh huh..didn’t hear a thing!

  9. I love being in the kitchen with my two. It reminds me of the good days with my dad when he used to let me and my siblings cook with him. I definitely want to start more traditions with my kids and teach them how to cherish each moment like it’s our last.
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