Kitchen Makeover: All Paint is NOT Created Equal

Ever look at something oh, let’s say 4,999 times and your degrees of unhappiness with said item increasingly grows and then one day the 5,000th time just sends you batty and said thing must be changed immediately?

The 5,000th time that I looked at the burgundy wall in the kitchen sent me spiraling. About two weeks ago on a Friday I just walked in the kitchen and decided I could no longer look at the wall color and set out to Home Depot to do something about it. I had been playing around with a few swatches and was having a hard time deciding. I finally decided on a color and separated it from the others on the color wheel


Would you believe someone closed the color wheel along with the color whose name I couldn’t remember. LIVID.

Didn’t stop my stride I just decided to wing it. After a few minutes of perusing I decided on Behr’s Wild Honey.  Once on the wall I came to the conclusion that I would’ve liked something a little more beige but overall I was pleased with the color change.

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Everything was all well and good until we ran out of paint on Friday night. Saturday morning I set out to Home Depot to get another gallon. Painless, I gave the gentleman at the counter the same swatch card. I  told him I needed eggshell, with the paint and primer in one. He mixed it up I head home.

Then this happens. Ughhhhhhhh.


Do you see that? Look hard.

After a little digging we discovered that the second batch didn’t have the same base causing it to be a little darker in color. ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME.

So we now have to repaint the first half of the room over again with the same formula we used on the second half.  I’ll look on the bright side, at least I’m not looking at that burgundy. I had every intention to possibly paint the door a blue color and I have since decided that it will remain black.

Speaking of that door, the door that leads to the laundry room that I haven’t quite finished. Reveal is coming sooner than you think!

Excuse the mess. I’m not into styling my home for random photos.


To avoid having this happen to you, if you suspect you will need more than one gallon purchase all of the paint together. In the event you find out later that you will need additional paint take the can with you. The exact formula is on the sticker they place on the top of the can.

Got any painting nightmares to share? Do you have as hard of a time picking paint colors as I do?





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  1. THIS HAPPENED TO US! Lol! If you look hard enough, there are places in our living room that our definitely darker than the rest, but we were so tired that we never fixed it…. and still haven’t, lmbo. The new color looks great, and you have a gorgeous kitchen!
    Christina Jones recently posted..Still On The Move

  2. I love the new color! the kitchen is gorgeous! I have been staring at this bright yellow paint in my kitchen for over a year now. It’s making my right eye twitch!

  3. Beautiful color! Especially when the sun rays come through the window. And, yes, I’ve definitely had that time when I look at something and it bugs me until the 500344342432 time when I tell myself enough is enough. Recently, it was my blog’s template. I changed it in Jan but now my eyes are twitching again. I guess it’s time to make a change again. *shrugs*
    Vivi recently posted..#StyledByShellBCheri x #StyledByWaveeeyB

  4. I would love to paint our place but then I get nervous as renters having to paint it back so for now it’s just wall decor! I’ve heard though about the paint variances happening before as you mentioned kinda like dye lot differences that can happen with fabric. Can’t wait to see your laundry room too!
    Quiana recently posted..Winner: JC Toys La Newborn Doll Giveaway

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