I Got Latched and Hooked

” I love protective styles on other people, but I never like them on myself.” I quoted myself there. I’ve said that too many times to remember and I truly believed it until my most recent encounter with protective styling.

Tiffini, owner of Latched and Hooked reached out and asked if I would be interested in trying out Latched and Hooked’s new 20″ small twists and I was on board. In a matter of 4 hours she had my twists installed and I’m still going strong nearly 6 weeks later.


Remember last time I had twists and they lasted all of 2.5 weeks.

For those not familiar Latched and Hooked is designed to be installed using the crochet method. I like this better for a number of reasons. Of course the decreased time in installing is a plus but this method is also kinder to your edges and  much lighter than singles. You could even install yourself if you are feeling adventurous. Tutorials can be found on the Latched and Hooked site.

Even though they are crocheted, they are just as versatile as singles. Here are a few of the ways I’ve been wearing mine.

Latched and Hooked


Latched and Hooked


Latched and Hooked

y’all know I don’t care not a thing about these gray edges!

Latched and Hooked


Latched and hooked

I’ve been thinking of chopping my hair off, these were a great stall and I’m still not sure what my next steps are with my own hair but I’ve really enjoyed not having to do anything to my hair these past few weeks.

If you are looking for a low maintenance style definitely give Latched and Hooked a glance. Tiffini installs here in Atlanta you can find her on Styleseat. Also check out Latched and Hooked on Facebook and Instagram


See you tomorrow……cause NaBloPoMo!




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  1. I really like the ease of your style. It is very flattering on you. I want to do something asap with this hair but I would need direction and suggestion for my own. Does she help with suggestions?

  2. I felt the same way about crochet styles but you are seriously rocking these. Think I may reconsider and give them a try. I love the different styles you’ve created. You’re beautiful!

    1. Yes! The time is such a big factor in why I loved this style. I’m a fan now and will be doing more protective styles in the future.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I love the way your braids look! so beautiful and so natural AMAZING Since having my second baby i just can’t maintain my hair like I used to and I’ve been looking for an alternative to cutting it all off. I made the decision to try this last week —- I am about to do my first install this weekend and i need all the help I can get. I will be checking out latched and hooked’s website for the tutorials.

  4. Love this look on you!! Only if I would stop chopping my hair off maybe I can attempt to get some braids or crochet twists.

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