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As much as I share over here, when I have moments of non sharing I feel like I’ve completely fallen off the wagon and you guys are all like where is Mimi and what is she doing…although I know you aren’t..

I’ve been kind of quiet, just processing some things and contemplating on some next steps career, blog and entrepreneurial wise. I just had to let it go the other day and remember that all things work out how and when they are supposed to. I’ll just keep repeating that to myself.

Really nothing newsworthy has been going on around here. I finally feel settled into the house and there are boxes still laying around. Oh well. I suppose we should just move them into the basement with all of the others and hope one day they will get unpacked…or not. As long as they are gone by Thanksgiving. We are hosting this year. Oh, and those curtains? Not mine.

Moving Boxes

I’ve been trying to add in a few decorative touches to the kitchen. I have been reading so many décor blogs and they have helped none. Instead they have fueled my crazy indecisive mind to be on the hunt for the absolute perfect thing for every space. Let me tell you how hard it is to find the RIGHT thing when you have NO money. Hmph.

Well, I know me and I must start with baby steps. I was obsessing about the perfect canisters, but again with a miniature budget I needed something that I would like and that would be different. Ventured into Walmart and fell in love with these huge Ball Mason jars. No canning here. I plan to put my flour, sugar and coffee in them. I got two from Walmart and one from Target. Go figure the one at Target was $3 more and I spent 10 minutes contemplating on whether I needed to head out to Walmart or just pay the $3. My mind is crazy!!

Gallon Ball mason Jars

So recently I’ve fallen in love with owls. I’m not sure why, but when I saw this adorable soap dish at Bath and Body Works I just had to have it. With my handy coupon I was able to get the hand soap for free and it smells ah.mazing.


Bath and Body Works Autumn Bouquet Foaming Hand Soap
Yes. There are dishes in the sink.

The laundry room is still a work in progress. The doors have been painted with 2 coats already of a paint/primer mixed in one and I still need a few more coats. At the recommendation of a friend I think I am going to try the oil based paint to see if that covers better. Here’s a progress shot. No worries, I still have a month left on my timeline *holds back giggles*

Valspar Paint and Primer

Last, but not least. Speaking of mum, I love fall and with fall comes Mums. When I was at Walmart I had the idea to get a small Mum to place on my sink in the kitchen. I have been known to have a brown thumb, literally and figuratively so I am anxious to see my plant grow. So much so that it is the first thing I look at in the morning to see if there has been any progress. None so far. I suppose just like a watched pot doesn’t boil, a watched Mum won’t grow. Ugh. I’ll keep y’all posted

Fall Bronze Mum

Here’s a few all together shots. I have a ways to go but I have to start somewhere.

Just ignore the sink stopper and those water bottles.
..then ignore those dirty dishes on the left.

It still seems a little sparse. Maybe with contents in the jars it will be different. How many bags of flour, sugar and coffee am I going to need to fill these babies up…Don’t answer that.

How are you?!

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  1. Love the mason jars. I started buying glass jars from Target for the same items, flour rice, sugar, etc. a few months ago. It’s a process and it can get expensive so I’m slowly collecting them.
    BTW, your kitchen is beautiful!
    Jenni recently posted..Fun with Mommies

    1. Thank you! Those jars really can get expensive. I am just at the point where I need everything now. I probably needed to do it like you did a little at a time. I think I need one more so I’ll chill for another week!

    1. Thank you Brandi. I’m sure it will all come together I just wish I had the money to do it all now! Then I’m sure I would want to change things so slow and steady just might be the move. I’m just trying to not let my scatter brain get the best of me and finish one room before I start on another. We’ll see how that goes.

    1. Yes. I think the jars are a nice touch. I am realizing I have a little bit of a traditional style and I think they do a good job of merging the traditional with modern.

    1. Thank you! I really do love them. The photos don’t do them justice. I think I want to pick up one more but I’ll wait a bit before I make that final decision. I may create something decorative as a label for the top to add some color and interest. We’ll see.

  2. I really like your kitchen!! Here’s a suggestion: have a housewarming party!! That way with the budget you will only be responsible for appetizers and drink.

    1. Farrah, you just want to party!! We are planning to have one soon. Things are just going to be really crazy the next few weeks. I was thinking about doing a Christmas/housewarming. We’ll see. That is the logical thing to do. We didn’t have a wedding so we didn’t get any of the household gifts that most people get. We are in need of the basics so we will have one. I just don’t know when!

  3. I NEED that owl soap dish. And I’m saying that like I don’t have enough owls figures and jewelry around my house and at work. LOL!

    I think when you fill them up, it’ll add more character. I know you don’t like plants, but an ivory hanging right above the sink would really liven it up a bit, imo. But I love plants and have two green thumbs. They were brown before though.
    Carla recently posted..Weekend Recap.

    1. Aren’t owls the cutest? OMG, I just had to stop myself from buying owl kitchen towels but I think I am going to go back and get them.

      Funny you said that about hanging the plants. There are actually two hooks the previous owner left up there. I want to get a roman shade for that window so not sure how that will look with the plant but I have been thinking about it. I really want to do good with plants. I guess I just need to get some, my thumb won’t turn green on its own!

  4. Mimi I’m feeling the same way that you feel. Lately I have just fell out the band wagon and so unmotivated, but oh well that’s life. I’ve been contemplating so changes in my life as well, but life changes!

    Anyhoo girl I’m so in love with your kitchen…it’s beautiful and I look forward to my husband retiring from the military so we can buy our home. BTW you can never go wrong with mason jars. Have you thought of painting or spray painting them? There are so many DIY ideas on Pinterest for that. I’m still working on a DIY with mason jars for my makeup brushes.

  5. Beautiful Home!!! I love the kitchen!!! I cant wait to move (okay dont let me go into all that now) LOL! I love the jars…once you fill them up it will give you what you are looking for. I think a lot of us are in a rut right now, this too shall pass! All things work together for the Good…you may not see it now but it will all work itself out, now if I could just keep repeating that to myself! The flower will eventually bloom too sometimes those mums are funny acting…LOL! My old boss used to give them to us and you would come in from the weekend and it would be beautiful, but when I watered it, it looked like it would die!
    Carissa recently posted..eShakti Fall Collection

  6. Ah Mimi, I am right there with you girl. I had to step away. Feeling good about my time away, because it was truly needed. I love your kitchen and I’m feeling the jars. Everything will come together in time. You’ll see. As for decorating blogs and forums, I had to stop reading them. Like you, how can I decorate with the things I want with nooner to purchase them? Right now, I am so into deck uttering and throwing things away.
    KalleyC recently posted..9/11 Never Forget

  7. Girl! That kitchen is doing it! I LOVE THOSE CABINTES! Yes ma’am! IDK but I’m seeing Owls everywhere this season…Oh BTW< love the stone window trim. U know I'm a stone snob! LOL

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