My Camera and I…A Rekindled Romance

If you have been reading over here for awhile you remember a time when I was obsessed with my camera. I was  taking lots of pictures and really immersing myself into learning more about photography and then….

Life got in the way. Okay, I won’t blame it solely on life because shortly after I returned from Blogher I discovered that one of my kit lenses had broken and it totally took the last bit of photo taking breath in me when it died. Not to mention I was discouraged that I wasn’t able to create some of the prettier pictures that I had seen other bloggers taking so I decided I would wait until I got a new camera before I picked up my hobby again. EX.CUSES

Well, I am happy to say that last week my new baby was delivered. I have the shutterbug again. I even joined Clickin’ Moms. You have been warned, there will be lots of pictures from here on out until the newness of this camera wears off.

I was determined to get some fall photos of my babies so I went out with my old camera a few weeks ago and snapped these after having to use the manual focus on the lens. What a struggle. These aren’t  that great, but they served the purpose. However, I guarantee the Christmas ones will be amazing.


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  1. I need to develop a relationship with my expensive non-hobby. That camera was far from cheap and I totally treat it like a point and shoot, when I remember to use it. Dag, I’m a slacker! Enough of my pity party…

    Your pictures came out great. I’m loving little mans missing teeth. Only kids can look that cute toothless! Little mama is in straight up diva mode with those boots! Me likey! 🙂
    Cam | Bibs & Baubles recently posted..Putting on Listening Ears

  2. I keep saying I want a fancy camera because i LOVE taking pics. One day maybe.

    I love the kids of the kiddos. Its so cute how you and hubs have a twin in your children.

  3. Y’all are really trying to make me want a camera. But I know the minute I get it I will establish that I dont have any time to learn to use it. But I really want to take cute pictures like these…

    Anyway, the pics look great and your kids are super adorbs!
    K. Rock recently posted..Find me

  4. These photos are so beautiful! Can’t wait to see the Christmas photos. Sometimes it good to take a break whether we do it intentionally or life makes us–kinda helps us “re-up” on our creative juices 🙂

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