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The something or the other that states Mama ain’t no good to anybody if she hasn’t bothered to take care of herself gets all of the yasssssses that ever yassssssssed.

I’ve never considered myself the type of mother to have completely thrown herself into motherhood with reckless abandon. Yes, I am a mother but long before countless hours of lugging babies in utero for 80 weeks of my life and likely spending  90% of its remainder more concerned with their well being  than mine, my math says there is still 10% left to just be me.

I am me, and I am me often.

After burning at both ends for what seemed like an eternity but in reality was probably a few weeks, I decided I needed a break. On a whim, my 37th birthday gifted me a trip to Austin to visit one of the village Aunties.  I departed for Austin just a few days after  returning home from our family trip to Gatlinburg. In hindsight that wasn’t the best idea, but one thing is for sure by the time I got to Austin, ready for a trip away I was.

File Jun 07, 9 03 36 AM

My thoughts on Austin prior to going? I was pretty sure it was the melting pot of all hipsters from what I had seen and read about Texas’ capital city. My assumptions were mostly true, however I was not prepared for the beauty of the landscape, the yumminess of the food and the laid back aura.

Austin Texas

I freaking loved Austin.

Relocation has never been a desire of mine but if Austin presented an opportunity……

We did a few touristy things, brunched and sipped, ate and shopped. You know all of the things Mamas do when there aren’t people depending on them for a short snippet of time.

Let’s not forget our epic one day trip to Waco to visit Magnolia Market

One of my favorite spots in Austin was the Oasis. Who knew Austin had a huge lake, and mountains? I didn’t.

The oasis in Austin Texas



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the Oasis in Austin Texas


Austin Texs

Margaritas, sunset, and a breeze. Perfection in a tipsy, red streaks across the sky,  coldest air on the hottest day type of way.

The Oasis in Austin


Austin Texas

The best queso I have ever had in my life? Torchy’s served it.

torchy's Austin Texas


Austin Texas


Austin Texa

We strolled the streets stopping on a whim to visit quaint bars for cocktails, and ice cream food trucks for sweets, and ate pizza that was worth every second of the long ass wait. I promise it was reminiscent of our college days when we used to go to our call center job at Sprint dressed for the club.

Austin Texas


Austin Texas


Austin Texas


Austin Texas

This trip reminded me that wife and mother are just terms that label me but they will never define me. I still have lots of laughs, girl talks, and cocktails to sip…..sans kids

Austin Texas


Austin Texas

Have you ever been to Austin?


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  1. Yes! I heard that Austin is dope. I used to live in Nashville (TSU) and heard that they are similar. Looks like fun I will defintely need to put that on my list of places to travel. I am counting down to my “kid free” trip next month. Looks like you got some rest and rejuvenated like you needed. Way to go momma!
    Lauren recently posted..March Madness

  2. “I promise it was reminiscent of our college days when we used to go to our call center job at Sprint dressed for the club.” Girl I laughed so hard at this line, probably because I used to do the same thing. I was in the call center when AT&T was still Cingular and then it became AT&T. LOL!

    I’ve never been to Austin, although when I went to Dallas & Waco, it was an alternative because the weather was so bad. It’s still on my list this summer though. I’ve fallen in love with pics of Lake Travis and Hamilton Pool so I’m making it a must to see at least one of these. I think my children would enjoy it as well.
    Rae recently posted..This Week + Celebrating.

  3. So glad you had a wonderful time in the state capital of Texas! Austin is hip and musical and artsy and we love it here! If you come back be SURE to visit the little known spot called ‘The Cathedral of Junk’. Yes, an artist put together TONS (literally) of stuff and created a backyard sensation! Of course there was a lawsuit as an apartment complex grew up around the neighborhood and those apartment dwellers didn’t want to look at such ‘art’. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Take a close look and you’ll see a little bit of absolutely anything. Some of my favorite finds in the pile of stuff is a shopping cart and old – very old fashioned computers.

    Call ahead to get an appointment as it is still in the artist’s private back yard.

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