#NaturallyGlam at Glamour Girls Day Spa

From my weekend wrap up post I mentioned that we attended an event on Sunday hosted by Trina. The event was held at Glamour Girls Day Spa in Kennesaw, GA.

Mad for the simple fact she was denied two cupcakes

While the babies played and did their beauty thing the mommies were getting educated on 4 Naturals hair products and techniques to use on adult and children’s natural hair. I learned some very valuable tips and I am looking forward to trying this line of products.

Natural hair twist out demonstration being performed on Adrienne from Me, My Hair and the City

I keep telling y’all Addison’s hair is so dry and I am still so desperate to find something that works other than coconut oil. I will keep you posted on how these products worked out.

The spa was so cute and dainty. Perfect for little ladies. I’m a little shady that we didn’t have anything like this when we were growing up. The best we could get was our Mamas painting our toes and nails…Oh well.

At least they had a great time!

 Have you taken your baby to one of these new fangled baby spas?!!

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  1. I tried taking Moo to get her nails and feet done once, but she was not feeling having some stranger digging with her feet and hands. So, we haven’t attempted that again yet. However, she saw a commercial for a kid’s spa on tv and says she wants to try it again. I’ll have to see because I don’t like wasting money. Maybe, if I recruit some of her friends to come with it’ll go better.

    And Addison can serve that side eye like no other. She looks too through that couldn’t have another cupcake.
    YUMMommy recently posted..Thankful Thursday

  2. Never heard of a baby spa here in NYC but wouldn’t be surprised if there was one! I remember getting the peel-off Tinkerbell nail polish when I was a girl so may try something like that with Nia in a few years if she shows an interest. About that coconut oil – it didn’t work on Nia’s hair either but I’ve been using the Miracle Oil products I got a Softsheen event a few months ago and her hair has been taking well to them. I’m so overdue to review them on the blog so I need to get on that!
    Quiana recently posted..Fall Family Fun in Maryland

  3. Kay had a BLAST. When we got home, the hubster got all ralled up “I wasn’t ready to see my primcess in make-up” ehhh a lil lip gloss & some sparkly eye stuff…I wish we had stuff like this in our day too Mimi. LOL

  4. LOL @ your little one mad about the cupcake. I agree with her – cupcakes are SERIOUS BUSINESS! 🙂

    Where, oh, where did you get her top? Is it a dress, shirt…? All I know is I love it!

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