Louis Quarterman Salon

{New Hair Alert} Louis Quarterman Salon

I don’t care what color, race, or nationality you are all women share the same language when it comes to the nuance of finding a good salon. I liken the process to finding a church home. Being that I am a loyal kind of customer, after my stylist moved away a few months ago I found myself in a bad situation because I didn’t have a clue on where to find a new stylist.

Louis Quarterman Salon

Unlike many women I despise the hair salon. Despise. The gossip, the waiting, I just don’t like it. Despite my disdain for the hair salon the gray hairs that were running rampant on the top of my head desperately needed attention and I had come to the realization that sooner than later I was going to have to have a sit in a stylist’s chair to get it together.

Lucky for me I didn’t have to search at all. I was introduced to Louis of the Louis Quarterman Salon located in Midtown Atlanta. Seeing that I was used to getting my hair done at my house I was grateful for the wonderful salon experience.  He was knowledgeable and worked with me to select a color that would work to cover my grays and give me a new look for the new year. Getting “wiser” is a double edged sword I tell you!

I toyed with the idea of cutting my hair again as it has grown so much since my summer cut but I decided to go with the much needed color. I stayed a little conservative with my color and in hindsight I quietly wish I had dialed it up a notch but I’ll be back in a few weeks for a touch up so we’ll see.

Louis Quarterman Salon

The Louis Quartman salon is located at 1000 Northside Dr. Suite 500 in Atlanta. The salon caters to a multicultural, natural hair clientele and also services children. If you are looking for an upscale salon experience in the Atlanta area I highly recommend this salon. It’s not to late to get your new look for 2015!!


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  1. I love it!! And I couldnt agree more about disliking the salon! Luckily my bestfriend now does my hair but she understands I like to get in early and dont like the waiting, and I can deal with her gossip (only because she’s my bestfriend) but other than that Im not on it!
    carissa recently posted..Good-Bye 2014

  2. I hate the salon too. Growing up my mom and aunt owned a salon together. So I’ve spent enough time in a salon for two lifetimes. My mom no longer does hair, but she does do mine. I haven’t had my hair done in a salon since 2004 and that is ok with me.
    Your hair looks great! I’m glad you found someone you like 🙂
    Sonya recently posted..Blogcation & A New Direction

  3. I am no longer a fan of the salon either. The time spent in there could be going towards something else. To that note, that’s probably why my hair needs a complete overhaul. I’m not sure if I should go back to perms but I honestly think my hair was healthier and fuller then. I just don’t want to give up my curls though. I plan to get some havana twists soon (or maybe crochet braids). Your hair looks amazing as always. Happy New Year!
    Tia recently posted..2015 Goals Part Two

    1. I want to try the Havana twists but I already know I’m not going to like them on me so I’ll let that be. Maybe the protective style will hold you over and keep you from going back to the perm.

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