NPA…Nail Polish Anonymous


My name is Mimi.

*waits for you to say Hi, Mimi*

I’m addicted to nail polish. I don’t know when it happened or why but its out of control.

Whenever I go in the store, I try to look straight ahead and steer clear of the aisles that house these little bottles of internal joy but they “be” calling my name.

Mimi..Mimi….MiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiii. We know you hear us.

Then I go to them. I buy 1, 2 or even 3 bottles at a time.

I need help.

Here’s the proof:

Sinful Colors
Sinful Colors
Sally Hansen
Wet and Wild
Sally Hansen
China Glaze
Pure Ice
Tip Toe
Cover Girl
Max Factor
Klean Color
Hodge Podge
Wild and Crazy
Sally Hansen
Nail Art Pen
Wet and Wild
My nail plates and stamper...that I don't know how to use

Awful. I know. Total count is 130 +/- 5 that are missing because little hands got into them. Sad part is now that I have most of the drug store brands my plan is to move on to building my Essie and OPI collections. There is a warehouse in Miami that sells them for $3-$4 a bottle. My friend Sheena is going to take me when I go down there in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait. It really shouldn’t be that serious…but it is. *hangs head in shame*

How many bottles of nail polish do you have?

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  1. Oh wow. I’ve heard you talk about your nail polish collection before and I was thinking that you might have like 50 bottles. I just got my collection up to 6 bottles. LOL

  2. OMG I almost jumped up and down in excitement when I saw all of these polishes. You have such an extensive collection and I love it!

    I have many of the Sinful Colors polishes because my local BSS fuels my habit lol. I have quite a few polishes, but I think I’m a worse hoarder of lippies and books. They’re everywhere and I need to slow down!

    1. I was on a book kick for a while. I have so many that I haven’t read so I stopped. I would go in Books a Million and if it was on the clearance I would buy it. I have about 30 in here I haven’t read. I guess I should do that while my nails dry!

  3. Okay! Yes you are a little addicted! You could open your own nail salon!! Lol! But hey….a girls gotta have some vices. Mine are pocketbooks…one day I should take some pictures too!
    Nikki recently posted..Today she is 22!

  4. Gurl! That is a lot of polish! I problaby have about 50 to 70. I have a ton of OPI and Essie. I hit up trade secret everytime I go to the mall and check the little clearence basket. They are usually half off. Or… I get them at Ulta when they have buy 2 get one free and then use the $3.50 off coupon. Sorry I am not helping with your condition.

  5. First of all, wow. I LOVE it, though.

    It’s funny you did this post because I recently thought of you when I purchased some nail polish. I particularly thought of a post you did a while back that showed the process of how you paint your nails. I found that post to be very helpful because I actually don’t know the “right” way to paint my own nails — how to make it last.

    I’ve never been a polish girl because I’ve never had the patience to keep it up (I HATE chipped nail polish). But something about approaching 30 and wanting to feel as pretty as possible made me go out and buy a bottle. And then the next day I bought two more. I bought a charcoal color (my favorite), a coral (for the spring), and a royal purple.

    A couple of them are Sally Hansens, but my charcoal one is Essie. I don’t see Essie in your collection. Is there a reason? You’re OBVIOUSLY the nail polish queen, so I need to know if I’m buying the right brand! 🙂

    Cool post!

    1. Essie ROCKS!! I’m just cheap so I steered clear of anything over $5 but I pretty much own all of those so I am moving on to building my Essie collection.

  6. Wow! I thought I had a collection! I have about 60 bottles right now. I’m more of a hoarder of books and magazines. It’s terrible….. Is there a Books & Mags Anonymous? Lol!

    1. Magazines…Me too! When he tries to throw them out I go ham. I love the pictures and the glossy pages. I must have at least 300 mags laying around here.

  7. NPA…My name is Sheena….and I have recently relapsed. I stopped my collection after college and now Im in need of intervention. Within the last week I’ve purchased 22 bottles …YES 22!! I’m going tom to get the 90 ct rack….so geeked!!! See you soon Mi…hee hee hee #partnerinNPcrime

  8. As just finished laughing so hard as I was scrolling down thru the never ending pics of nail polish! So funny but you like what you like!

  9. Ummm, yes. You have a problem! Lol! I only own about 3 bottles of nail polish. I can never keep a manicure because I wash my hands do much at work. :-(. But oh my, what a collection!

  10. So I thought that I had an addiction….you sooooo have me beat. And I bought one of the nail stamping kits and I had to return it, I couldn’t get it to work either. Looking at your collection is tempting me to go out and purchase more…lol

  11. Wow Mimi you are serious about your nail polish…I have about 50 polishes…..and looking to buy more….I just can’t help it either

  12. I have maybe 15 bottle all together. I don’t plan to add anymore until the ones I have are too low to use anymore. I keep my nails and toes polished and I thought EYE was bad. You’ve got me beat and then some! lol

  13. Na, I call that a slight problem. I love the collection. I recently went to amazon and bought 6 bottles of kleannails for like 8 bucks. Not bad and they all came in wonderful colors. It will take years for me to get to your collection, but that won’t stop me from admiring it. I really love all the colors.
    KalleyC recently posted..Sunday Prayer: Health

  14. There is a Nail Warehouse (I believe that’s their name also) in Tucker off of Mountain Industrial/Jimmy Carter. I go there for my OPI & Essie. My jobs corporate office is in the same office park. One day I went to corporate to pick something up & stopped in there & told them that I work in the office park & asked if they would sell to me wholesale prices. AND they said yes. Girl, you never until you ask!
    BTW I thought I was bad. My obsession started when I was a young girl. Maybe 12. My mom is hooked also. She used to store hers in a big church hat box. I remember raiding it! LOL
    Anyway…thanks for sharing! I love it!

    1. 500? *faints* That is my goal. People don’t understand when you tell them how much of an addiction it is. I’ve tried to slow down a bit…but these new summer colors are calling my name!

  15. I know yiou shouldnt. Compare addictions ..but I have 46 still shameful. And yes essie is my brand of choice. I hit the factory up every time i go home

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