Oh Ye of Little Faith

I have mentioned previously that I really would like to move into a new home. Our home is very cozy, however when we purchased it, we planned on only living here for 3 years max and then allowing my mother to stay when we moved on to a bigger home.

Well you know how the saying goes about planning. After my mother died 3 years ago, the market started heading down hill and I just wasn’t coherent enough to contemplate a move at that time so we stayed and now at 5 years it is time to move.

The Mr. and I decided today that we would start the process and if everything is a go that we would start looking at the beginning of the year. This makes me nervous. Just like me to want something to happen and then when it could possibly come to fruition I get scared.

Then I started thinking. Is it our time. I only thought this because I have seen so many people insist that God made a way for them to do XYZ and they forge ahead only to find themselves in a big ‘ole mess. Me and my over analytical self thinks often that people confuse God’s voice with their own.

See. IN MY OPINION, if God brings you something it will be smooth sailing. No need to rob Peter to pay Paul or leave ends untied. Then the other half of me says that God will bring you something that has trials and tribulations tied to it to prove that He can fix all things. I don’t know. I’m just rambling. But I’m tired of folks living above their means on the premise that God said it and then its a sob story when they can’t make their ends meet.

That being said. I want to move, but I’m a little scared. We’re comfortable. What do utilities look like in a bigger home, what will we do with our current home. Will we have a good tenant. What if they don’t pay.

I need to have faith in God. If He opens this door, I’ll make sure we stay below our means. I think He would honor that as being grateful instead of being greedy.

What’s your take. A door opens, do you run right through or do you think maybe God is testing you to use your discernment and that there just might be something better if you use patience instead of haste? I’m listening

Told you this everyday blogging would get random.





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  1. Hmmm… like the saying goes Faith & Fear can’t share the same space. Trust & Believe that God will give you what is yours. But I do agree with you because I’ve been face with something that I really don’t want to move too fast on because I question is it GOD and what will happen if it fail???!!! Soooo many thoughts run through my head! And, just like you I said I will wait to the 1st of the year and if it’s still there it’s meant to be and if not then it’s not for me… Decisions, Decisions! i know, I know… I’m not much HELP here but I can say that completely understand… U R NOT alone! #Sigh

    Just stick to your guns when moving in BIGGER… stay within y’all means and everything will work out just fine! Continue to PRAY the answers will surely come. Best wishes…
    Efie Lynn recently posted..EBEW: Colored Tights

  2. God put Moses through so many test in order to free the Israelites. It wasn’t easy and he questioned God but he kept believing because He showed him that if He brought you to it then He would bring you through it. Many of the decisions we make in life aren’t easy and often times we questions if we are doing the right thing. You will never know until you give it a try. So I say go for it with a open mind and trust that what’s for you will be. Good luck on your search!
    Kim recently posted..Ask Me Anything: Blog Award and Tag

  3. I think God has equipped you with a rational mind for a reason! You must have faith, but you must also be smart (as I believe God wants us to be)…and I agree with you, people often confuse God’s voice with their own desires. Continue to pray about it, and start building a financial plan for the home you want. Do some research and find out what an increase in utility costs are going to look like for the size home you want, etc…
    The Fashionista Next Door recently posted..Style Me Friday: Kate Middleton’s Casual Chic (+ Giveaway)

  4. God will not put more on you than you can bear if it’s meant to be it will be. I think moving to a big home is great if you can find a mortgage that is not much different than what you already pay then maybe you can balance the extras. Have you looked into section 8 I know it’s risky but at least you know you will get paid if you decide to rent out. Whatever you decide to do good luck and happy house hunting.
    kita recently posted..What’s the Biz: Expanding the stores we shop at.

  5. I honestly believe that God opens doors for us. I also think that with a Union such as a marriage, God also allows they other spouse to see some things clearer than the other.

    For instance, years ago, when we were first married, my husband was approved for a loan that would have been great to buy a home with. But I looked at our finances, and I told him I don’t think it’s possible. Glad that we talked about it, because our bank (WaMu at the time) was approving loans to people who really couldn’t afford it.

    Believe in God, and talk about your concerns with your spouse. God didn’t pick your mate for you for you to worry alone.
    KalleyC recently posted..Acknowledging A Spouse’s Efforts

  6. I think what ever you decide God will see you thru! I have been on boths sides, comfortable where I was and then make leaps that were tight! But I know one thing God makes a way. No matter what you do you will be fine just keep the faith! Have you thought about renting a bigger house for a while? So many out there and then if you find it’s too much you have your house to fall back on.
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  7. I love your humble spirit! I think God will make a way if it is meant to be. Be patient and make sure you listen to what God is telling you. Also, Stay within your means. That’s very important. I know plenty of people who don’t and end up regretting it later.
    Krissy recently posted..Guess what y’all!

  8. I agree that we often confuse our voices for God’s. The Bible says to tell Him the desires of your heart and to knock and the door shall be opened. You all need and want a bigger house right? Well, knock on that door and trust that God will open it. It may or may not be smooth sailing but that’s just life. Nothing in our lives are ever smooth 100% of the time.

    Don’t let your fear keep you somewhere you’re not happy and can’t grow. As far as utilities and things there are lots of advancements in technology like energy efficient bulbs and stuff that will help you all save on bills. Worried about getting a decent tenant in your current home, go through a real estate agency. They will screen tenants and handle collecting the rent for you. You don’t have to worry about shelling out extra money because they’ll add their monthly service fee to the cost of the rent and deduct it from the rent check.

    So there are solutions to your concerns. Just keep the faith and stay within your financial means and all will be well. We’re house hunting too and I’m learning to listen to God instead of myself.
    YUMMommy recently posted..It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  9. Keep praying girl! I SO feel you on not wanting to move too fast, and end up over-extended! God wants us to prosper, and I don’t believe any blessing from God will come with an abundance of stress. Our Pastor is actually doing a series on stewardship, and spoke about this last Sunday! Pray, and crunch numbers, then pray some more, lol!

  10. I think if he opens a door you may still need to pray on it because like you said it may be another test. Slowing down may leave enough time for God to show you another door or perhaps there is something wrong with the first door…this was a great
    Mrs. Pancakes recently posted..It Feels Like the First Date Jitters!

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