Operation Wedding

Y’all know I don’t ask much from you, so when I do I hope you get how sincere my request is.

Earlier this week I took a few photos of my neighbors. These photos were used for a submission  to win a dream wedding on behalf of our local Fox channel. Operation Wedding will grant one military family the dream wedding of a lifetime but they need votes.


Ancil has been deployed twice and is currently still away from his family working since coming off of deployment. She has been holding down the house and the family while he is away. They are such a deserving and giving family and I would really love to see them get this wish granted.

I said all of that to say, can you please take about 30 seconds to vote for them. Voting is open until 2/29. They are the first on the list.  Timeka Russell and Ancil Christopher. 


Thanks y’all!!

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    1. I know! It goes up and down. It’s Monday morning and they are still in the lead. Thank you so much for taking out the time and doing that for them.

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