#OurProject52 – 11/52 Rule of Thirds

Before I remotely became interested in photography I thought a pretty picture was just as easy as framing and snapping. Not so.

From the most basic shot at Six Flags to your quasi photo shoot in the backyard just a few seconds to think and frame your shot makes a world of difference. I mention in my post here that the little grid in your camera is basically to help you grasp an understanding of where to put your subject to follow the “Rule of Thirds.” To be honest I think I really over do it with the image to the left or right but I love images that draw your eye to the right or left so that is my liking. I encourage you to find your style by experimenting or looking at other photos to get an idea of what you like when it comes to this concept and becoming very good at it.Here are a few photos I’ve taken that employ the Rule of Thirds.




Tip: While it is possible that there is more than one subject in your shot, there is no need to get all of them at the grid intersecting points but try to get at least one for an interesting shot.

Be sure to stop by and see LaShawn. She’s been so kind as to post a photo of the grid I speak of if you’ve never seen it appear in your own camera. Thank you all for linking up and stopping by!


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  1. So can I confess?!
    I had no idea what this whole rule of thirds was… I googled it and still didn’t get it (preggo brain) LOL
    So glad you posted yours. Your pictures and Lashawn’s are wonderful!
    Charlotte recently posted..denim

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