{#OurProject52} 1/52 – Who Are You?

Who am I? I’m a whole lot of things, a scribbled scrabbled mess at times, a polished lady at others. This week’s prompt gave me the opportunity to really think about the things that make me me.

make me me…Mimi. Get it?!

I digress.

For this first challenge I really wanted to portray a number of self shot photos showing all of the aspects of who I am and the roles I play. Of course I had a sick child, and a whole list of other things that took priority and needless to say I only have one picture to post today.

Kind of glad it worked out that way because I want you all to know that every week this won’t be about perfection but everything about trying, learning and connecting. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments, and don’t forget to pop over to see Lashawn at Everyday Eyecandy to see her weekly post.

So who am I?

I am Mimi, wife, mother, friend, blogger, dishwasher, hair braider, carpool driver, cook, maid, picture taker, sunglass lover, Tory burch fan, coffee drinker, infamous ranter, joke teller, ugly crier, thrower of things and lover of wet and wild lipstick….There’s more but this will do for today.

The one picture I was able to capture this week with my camera and tripod is descriptive of just one part of who I am but a part that I give a lot of me to.  I am honored to walk in the shadows of phenomenal women, who nearly 107 years ago blazed trails to create the first Greek lettered organization for African American woman. I am an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman.


Tripod Tip: There is never a need for you not to be in a photo. Purchase an affordable tripod and remote and shoot yourself. Keep in mind when shooting with a tripod, keep it low. Do not fully extend the tripod, keep it shorter than you for a different angle.

Project 52

It’s your turn! Don’t have a blog, include the link from your photo on Instagram to join the link up. Looking forward to seeing what you shot last week! Be sure to join the party with hashtag #OurProject52 and don’t forget to tag us in your blog posts. The more the merrier! See you next week with “Morning”

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Mom, wife and friend. I moonlight as a cooker, baker, laundry folder and organizer. I like to think I do it in style. Unlikely Martha is my contribution to the internet in helping women "Keep House and Stay Fly!"


    1. But did you get the most expensive one? I mean $15 would get you right or you can go the $3 at a garage sale route like I did!

  1. Great photo. This is going to sound so dumb but I have to ask because I can’t see it… Where is the remote and how does all that work? I know I can set my camera to snap pics but I have to haul butt to my spot and pose. *I might need to go to YouTube and get my life real quick.*
    Tia recently posted..Pole Fitness Experience

    1. There is few second delay after you hit the button, so I focus and then throw it on the ground. It’s in the grass! As far as how it works, your camera has to have remote capability, once you set it you just point the remote at the sensor and it will beep to let you know it received the signal and then throw it down!

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