I Think I’ll Run On….

Today is the first day of the last class I need to earn my MBA. I think we all have lived long enough to realize that with the end of a chapter a new one starts. Sometimes we know what’s coming next and other times we are walking blindfolded leaning on faith with a keen ear […]

Mimi’s World

Let me first say, thank you for all of the love on the It’s Time post. The comments were inspiring and let me know that I’m not alone on the pursuit to personal goal attainment and entrepreneurship. I really appreciate it. NOW…. They say when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Well over here […]

It’s Time!!!

Over at Shaken Not Blurred, I was reading her awesome story regarding leaving the rat race behind in pursuit of true happiness. Lately, I had been having fleeting thoughts of putting my baby in daycare and returning to work..just for the paycheck. After reading her post the other day, I fell back in love with the idea […]