Ain’t Misbehavin

Soooo…let me start by saying, prior to my son starting school, I gave myself a mind pep talk that I would never be the type to say, “not my child” before knowing the situation. Go figure last week I had to eat my words a couple of times..oh well we live and learn! Four out […]

Nana Puddin’

Tuesday night after a few mishaps and whateva’s, I managed to pull off baked honey barbecue wings, vanilla rice and a homemade banana pudding *patting myself on the back*!! As the saying goes, things do get a little better with practice. I hardly call three days of completing recipes a whole lot of practice but […]

New Eats Week

Although I haven’t felt like cooking, I have stayed true to my post from last week and I have tried out two new recipes so far this week. Sunday night we enjoyed lemon garlic shrimp fettucine, and last night I followed a recipe for salmon cakes that I paired with grits and eggs. Yes, these are […]

No Use in Crying Over Spilled Milk

Saturday evening, I got the opportunity to leave the burbs and head to the city for a much needed girls night out. I joined one of my good friends for dinner, and the evening was going better than planned, that is until the waitress asked would we like a beverage from the bar. Before she could get the […]