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The past few weeks around here have been extra chill. For a New York minute I was starting to feel bad about not really being productive then I got over it.  We’ve been going to bed late at night and sleeping late in the morning. We have the next 9 months to be on a schedule. I think we’ll enjoy these last two weeks going with the flow.

Speaking of New York I am ramping up my preparations to head to the Big Apple for BlogHer in a couple of weeks. I have childcare lined up and the majority of my outfits have been planned out via Evernote in this manner.

I do need to pick up a few things and I plan on grabbing those sometime this weekend. My sense of urgency is real because my son goes back to school on Monday the 6th and I get back on the 5th so everything needs to be in order.

I can’t wait to meet some of my bloggy friends and just have a good time. I have been invited to a few private parties and I do plan to attend. For the amount of money that has been dished out I need to get the most of the weekend.

I am thankful for BlogHer this year because it is keeping my mind off the impending anniversary of my mother’s death which is on July 27, and her birthday is on August 4th. With so much to do I won’t really have time to sit and mope. I suppose this is a good thing.

Lil Mama is now fully potty trained. No diapers or wipes to be found around these parts. She is even starting to go on her own…but if the light is out in the bathroom no haps. I “stared” she says, and “stared” means scared.

I have been on a mission to take better care of Lil Mama’s hair. Y’all know how much of a hair person I am not. I can cornrow really well and I’ve been known to sew in a weave or three. Yes, me. That’s how I made money in college.  I tried out a coconut oil and honey prepoo on her hair and I am a believer. I was putting ponytails in it and her edges were starting to be affected so I have been two strand twisting or cornrowing it. I have seen an improvement over the past few weeks. Now to be consistent.


My son took his first flight alone from Las Vegas to here on July 5th. I was a nervous wreck. He did fine. He was such a big boy. My dad bribed him with an iPod. I really didn’t want him to have one then my dad had to remind me that he bought me a Gameboy when I was his age…Wellllllllllllll…..moving on. Could I be a hater?


My son is taking up soccer for the fall. I am looking forward to seeing how he enjoys it. Truth be told I never really thought he liked football much. He requested soccer and luckily we didn’t miss registration so I guess I’m now a soccer mom.

I’ll start doing house updates sometime next week.

Enough about our goings on. How are you? What’s been going on in your world?



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  1. Super cute outfit for BlogHer.

    As for your little girl’s hair, I’m in the same dilemma – trying to find styles that are gentle to her hair. I’ve always “pineappled” her hair (no loose ends and everything going up to one little bun/ponytail). But I would use a ton of rubber bands to do it in 20 different plaits on her head. I knew rubber bands weren’t healthy for her hair, but I had no choice. I can’t cornrow. In fact, I can’t do very much with her hair at all. But I’m trying and learning. And one day, I will really dig into that blog Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but that mama has a ton of cute ways to keep her little one’s hair healthy. I’m currently still doing the pineapple thing, but trying it without rubber bands. It’s not as neat, but I think it’ll get better.

    Anyway, about your son and football (and soccer). My husband, who is a football coach, has always said that it’s not always a good thing when a little boy plays football so young. They get bad experiences sometimes that makes them not want to play AND they learn bad technique since many peewee football coaches are volunteers who may not always have solid coaching experience. I’ve heard him say before that a kid should start playing football around middle school to begin getting coached correctly (that’s when he started, and his dad was a football coach, too). The sport he recommends as a young child? Soccer. 🙂 They apparently learn a lot in soccer that strengthens their agility for future sports. So this could be a good thing for your boy.

    Plus, soccer mom would look good on you. Enjoy the rest of your week!
    Gerri recently posted..Awesome Anniversary Date (+ Some Fun for the Little One)

  2. Love love the outfit. Keeping busy is a good thing. I hope you all have fun in NY it’s a great place for shopping *side eye*. Get out of my head too with the soccer my son wants to play also it’s cheaper than football and the deadline is the 27th so we are still debating on that.

  3. You’re going to have so much fun in NYC! I’m such a hater! LOL

    I wish I had the fashion sense to assemble an ensemble such as this! VERY cute.

    I hear you on enjoying the summer. I had all of these plans to do a whole bunch of stuff, but as these days trickle by, I’m just happy to be spending time with the ones I love. Come fall it will be back to the grind!
    Amber recently posted..Traveling with Natural Hair

    1. Yes, the fall is such a busy time, then the holidays. The last part of the year is very busy for us. I’m just going to go with the flow!

  4. I all of a sudden am going through a time where I want to take better care of my girls hair. I am determined to quit breaking their hair. I have no idea where to start! Right now, I’m just trying to keep the rubber bands out and not styling their hair so tight.

    I wish I was going to BlogHer!
    This Cookn Moma recently posted..Keeping it Real With the Kiddos

    1. It dawned on me that I really need to start now to get her hair on a good foundation for healthy growth. I am not a natural hair enthusiast so watching those videos is wearing me out but anything for her! Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care is a very good blog if you haven’t checked it out. She breaks everything down. The pre poo that I used I got off of there and it really worked.

      I think I may start posting little tidbits here and there about her hair journey. Maybe they’ll help somebody…and to think you have three heads to do. Bless you!!

  5. Soccer mom! I love being a soccer mom because secretly I dislike kids playing football, way too dangerous!
    I’m trying that pre poo!!! I’m going to bed late and getting up early, dang it I need my summers off!!! Enjoy NY! Oh, my son has had an iPod touch since he was 9 and now an IPad since Xmas!!! Bad over indulgent mommy, I know….

    Besos, Lynn

    1. Don’t be rushing him! Especially with the new addition he may revert. My son did for awhile. Really went back to being a baby. Don’t push him. Boys take way more time and patience than girls. I had heard that but I can attest to it as being truth now.

  6. I love the shoes! Can I have em?

    Whats this 9 months you speak of? Enjoy the rest of your summer , its flying
    Yay for lil mama. Jas doesn’t to the dark bathroom either. She will request the light at any hour Smh.

    I’m so glad he made it back safe. Don’t hate on his iPod.

    I’m sure he’ll be good at soccer.
    Krissy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: more cousins

    1. You can have anything you want!

      I’m not hating on his iPod because I’ll be using it when I go running. The gift that keeps on giving!

  7. Girl, that outfit is hot hot HOT! From top to bottom!
    Congratulations on Potty Training! I know I was scared out of my mind with Kay. But she mastered it really quickly. I remember begging my g-ma to come from NY to help me b/c she potty trained me in a day!
    Look how fast our babies grow up. SMH I may have been the same age as your son when I took my first flight by myself to Atl.
    These boys & their sports…We’re getting ready for Fall Ball Baseball & I’m going to start searching for a dance school for Kay. Is Addison doing anything yet?

    1. Addison is getting ready to go into ballet or gymnastics. I’m not sure yet. I have to see what his schedule will be first and then add her in. My husband works alot so the practices may fall on me and I need to make sure they don’t overlap.

  8. Love the outfit!! I can’t wait for Blog Her! I’ve JUST started getting ready ( I know shame shame).
    Potty training over here is at at standstill. That boy is too damn stubborn. SMH. When I get back from Blogher, I am going to have to do a bootcamp. I’m so tired of pullups!
    Rose’s Daughter recently posted..It’s Friday

    1. Boys are so much harder than girls. I thought I was going to lose it with my son and one day it just clicked. But it was a long haul.

  9. Congrats on the potty training! That BlogHer outfit is cute, love the color of the shorts. I would love to start doing something to my daughter’s hair. I feel like her hair is still too much like baby hair. I’ve never tried to braid it or anything but I do want to make sure I’m taking good care of it. Any tips for me? She turns two in September so I need to get her in the habit of getting her hair done…
    The Chic SAHM recently posted..A Day in the Life: A Moment in Target

    1. I didn’t realize our babies were that close in age. Mine turned 2 in May. I would say start checking out some blogs. I was doing the ponytails but I could tell her edges were started to get a little stressed so I stopped with the rubber bands and started with the braids.

      Chocolate Hair Vanila Care as people above have said is a great resource. She does a great job at breaking everything down for you. I am finding it is a bunch of trial and error. I have found the pure coconut oil to be a lifesaver. You may want to try that if you haven’t already. I am going to post my journey. Hopefully some of my tips will help out, and we’ll all learn through each others trial and errors!

  10. BlogHer is just going to be too exciting! and how awesome your took a flight by himself,,,yaah to being fully trained…all your babies are growing up!

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