seasonal shift|15 spring shift dresses for under $50

Walking the babies down to the bus stop the other morning, Addi looks at the sky and asked me if it was that light at the exact same time a few days ago. I told her how observant she was and went on to explain that as the seasons start to shift depending on the season you will see the mornings either get lighter or darker.

Little signs of Spring are popping up. 60 degree days stuck in the middle of 30 degrees days is the most accurate descriptor of the globally warmed time that we live in.

After paring down my wardrobe last Spring, I didn’t really replace a lot of things but I’ve been on the hunt lately for shift dresses. Like obsessed with them.

Shifts are the epitome of effortlessly chic. How hard is it to slide a dress over your head, with some jewelry and go? I promise you can’t mess up a shift dress.

I’ve been in Goodwill and everywhere else you can think of  hoarding ALL of the shift dresses. My favorite Gap dress from last year, has seen better days so it needs to be replaced. I was online and came across a few more for the super low.

If you need a jump on your Spring wardrobe get you some shifts. They make all of the fashion sense.

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  1. I absolutely love shift dresses. I dressed mine up for the winter the other day with a grey turtleneck and grey tights. I’m at that age where I hate anything clingy so a shift dress is perfect! Thanks for the recommendations!

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