DIY Spray Paint Project

{Addison’s Room} A Little Spray Paint DIY Before & After

When I was pregnant with Addison or shortly after I had her one of my very best friends from college gifted me a name sign that she picked up at Marshalls. I knew eventually it would get a makeover and put up, just wasn’t sure when. I’m sure Keysha is glad to see that nearly 4 years after the fact this fab name sign has gotten a makeover and is hanging in Addison’s room! Better late than never

After my framed wallpaper DIY project I knew the perfect small wall spot where I would hang them, and then decided this wall would also be the final home for the name sign. I went to Home Depot and picked up a white and pink can of Rustoleum spray paint.

DIY Spray Paint Project

DIY Spray Paint Project

It took a few coats to really cover well, and I’m glad I put the white under because I only needed about 2 coats of the pink to completely cover, while it took the entire can of the white to cover what was there. I let it dry over night and then it was ready to hang.

Here is the area before I hung the frames and the sign.

Here is after.

DIY Spray Paint Project

I want her to use it for things like her coat and the basket below for some of her toys and play clothes. I got the basket from Homegoods.

DIY Spray Paint Project

I’ve always known I was smitten with the Dollar Tree but lately it seems I’ve been in there every day. One day I found this pretty gold owl piggy bank for you guessed it $1. The “Pretty Little Things” plate was a clearance deal from Bath and Body Works for $4.

DIY Spray Paint Project

DIY Spray Paint Project

Little by little her room is coming together.



Amazing what a few coats of spray paint can do!

Have an Christmas DIY project plans underway?

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    1. I am slowly learning that if something has potential you can turn it into something you love. I kind of wish I would’ve painted it another bolder color though, like a turquoise. I may once I decide what else to put in the room.

  1. Off hand I really do not have any holiday DIY projects in mind. However, I’m sure Pinterest could assist me in that area. I also, have to purchase the spray paint attachment (it looks like it’s a must have). I love how the sign came out.

    1. That attachment was all of $3 and it was amazing. I had seen other people using them and I’m glad I decided to get one. I promise it made the process so much easier and it wasn’t as messy.

  2. The sign looks great. Dollar Tree is my husband and RJ’s favorite spot. I’ve started checking it out for cheap seasonal decorations.
    Last year I did a couple holiday DIY projects, an advent calendar and a wall decoration. I’m not sure what I’m going to do this year.
    Jenni recently posted..Nearly Wordless Wednesday: 35 Years

    1. My children have asked for an advent calendar, maybe I should try my hand at one. We’ll see. I’m telling you the Dollar Tree is where its at!

    1. Yes!! When you come on up on something good in Dollar Tree it’s like the heavens open up. That’s why I’m in there so much, would hate to miss something!

  3. I have a rocking chair that I’m planning on getting a can of navy spray paint to very soon! I also want to grab a can of copper spray paint and update some metal wall decor already hanging in my den with it. Spray paint is a godsend! I can’t believe that owl was just $1- so cute!
    Sarah recently make do | v. 07

    1. I’m hooked. Everything I see now whether I’m thrifting or just out I think to myself will a can of spray paint get this right!! I’m loving navy right now, don’t give me any ideas!

    1. You found it?!! I’m mad I didn’t get more than one. I’m going to learn that when I come across cute stuff like that I need to buy them up.

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