Sugar and Spice and Little Pink Dresses

….that’s what little girls are made of! Soooo from reading my posts the past few days you see that my life has been full o’ drama..I’m over it now and on to getting ready for the holidays. That means plotting on things to buy. Lil Mama has to be extra smoochalicious on her first Christmas.

When I found out I was pregnant with Lil Mama, after thanking God for answering my prayers and blessing me with a baby girl, my mind went immediately to images of her wearing Tutu’s, frilly girly girl dresses, know all the things that make having a girl so awesome. I have probably visited a million websites looking at these things and recently came across
This site has everything from clothing, to decor, to accessories for the baby diva to the pickiest tweenager. Great site for easy Christmas shopping, what’s not to love when a site offers Gift Certificates. I’m sure you’ll find something at Little Pink Dress that your daughter, niece, god child, cousin, besties child, or even Lil Mama would like to receive as a gift! Shop during the month of November and you can use the code littlepink to get 15% off of your total purchase.
 Check out these fab finds that I have added to Lil Mama’s Favorite Things List. If Oprah’s good enough to have one, so is my baby girl!! You know I’m the baby whisperer so when I pointed to these items she either laughed or drooled..that’s a sign of approval. I sure hope the packages come on a day when the Mr. is not working from home..

I love hot pink, black and white…Can’t you tell!


tooooooooo fab!!

This Hat?

or this one?


Seriously, I’m torn, which hat should I get?!!!

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  1. CUTE!! I always wanted my boy first but of course everything cute in the stores were for little girls :-(. My votes on the 2nd hat!

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