I tell ya, this summer has me all off schedule. I love blogging and for the life of me I just can’t find the time to do it. I suppose being in charge of three children, all day along with GlossyPIX taking off, I just have to squeeze it in when I can. One more month and hopefully everything will return back to normal ’round these parts.  

Lil Man is back from Vegas and the house has noticed because the chatter level in here has gone through the roof. Lawd, my baby can talk. He had a great time. My dad took him to the San Diego zoo, Hover Dam, and the Grand Canyon. They were all over the place. I am so thankful that he is getting the whole grandparent experience. Unfortunately I didn’t have that luxury and it was something that I always wish I had. I am totally grateful for him to get the opportunity to build that relationship with my dad and stepmom.  

This past weekend was my husband’s family reunion. We had company in town for nearly a week. They left on Tuesday and I have spent the latter part of the week getting the house back to normal…whatever that is.  

We had a ball. On Friday night was the banquet and Saturday we spend the entire day at Stone Mountain Park taking in the attractions and closed out the evening with the laser light show. Pros: Spending time with the family and the food  Cons: Getting stuck at the top of the mountain due to a lightening storm without a stroller. My SIL and I took 5 kids up there and we had to wait about an hour before they were able to bring us back down. NEVER AGAIN…at least I can say I made it up there.  

Family Picture...excuse Addison


You see my girl..Coolin' catchin a ride


Wednesday night Mama stepped out with the girls for a PR event promoting Hypnotiq’s new liquor. The event was ultra fab and took place on the rooftop of the W. They even had spa services I got thee best hand massage and a manicure. As an extra bonus it was also a book signing for Candace Bushnell’s new book “Summer in the City”. For those not familiar she is the author of “Sex and the City”. She was extremely down to earth and funny…not too mention she probably had a cup or five of that Hypnotiq but who’s counting?! I didn’t really get too many photos of the event, because I was enjoying the Hypnotiq myself. Shhhhhhhh, don’t tell nobody!  

My Soul Sister Kelli and I


Candace, Kelli and I





Have a safe 4th. Remember that race I’ve been training for..Yeah, on Monday *in my Kevin Hart voice* Its. about. to. go. down! I’m a little scared. I’ll make sure to blog all of the deets next week.  


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