Tuesday Truth…I Haven’t Been Taking My Pills

…but you didn’t possibly think I was talking about birth control pills did you? *hollers* FYI this baby shop is shut down…possibly indefinitely at this point. I’ll let you know if plans change.

Seriously though, the pills I speak of are for my high blood pressure. Before you start chastising me and throwing me the digital mean mug, lets just say I take them, but in a very sporadic manner. I have removed salt, red meat and other naggy culprits that contain salt yet my number is still on the high side and I know its because I need to exercise and be diligent about taking my medicine. Heredity much?

A far cry from 120/80 *weeps*


I am supposed to take them twice a day, unfortunately I probably take one every two days or so. I knooooow. Please don’t judge me. I don’t like taking them because they make me groggy, and I know I should probably speak with the doctor about changing my dosage or the medicine itself but I don’t want to chance the side effects of starting a new medicine which for me is nearly a week of awful headaches.

I bring this here because it is certainly time for me to start taking my health more seriously. Daily I read so many of your blogs that offer great information on how to get and stay fit, how to eat healthy and are just overall encouraging as I follow along on your journey and those you spotlight who have made lifestyle changes to be more health conscious.

Another challenge is I’m skinny. A week of cardio may drop me 10 pounds and when you are teetering at 135….I’m not interested. I’m one of those girls that has always wanted hips and booty so I am trying to hold on to the very little that I do have…read none.

So begins my process of researching the things that I need to be eating that will help me maintain a healthy weight while exercising. Today begins the day I set the timer on my phone to go off and remind me to take my medicine. Today I will call the Dr. and make my 6 month blood pressure check appointment that I have been putting off for two months. Today is the day I take the reins of my health and go about getting healthy. Today I will make the promise to live my best life mentally and physically not just for myself but for my family. Today is the day I come after Kelly Rowland and her skinny thickness!! YES…Today is the day!!!!

Thank you Yum Yucky, Rx Fitness Lady, Brooklyn Active Mama, and Bossygirl 1980. If your goal was to inspire one you did it….I’m getting up and getting active.

Somebody hold me accountable…Okay?!

Where my cheerleaders at?!! Who needs to join me on this quest? Speak up…cyber home girls uplift and encourage and turn into drill sergeants if necessary….

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  1. 🙂 I’m not going to yell at you and tell you to take your pills (someone else will do that 🙂 But I am excited that you want to put your health first! I will totally keep you accountable! We all need to hold each other accountable for sure.

    Yes, honey I don’t know how KR does it, but she has mastered the sexy fit skinny brand.
    Nellie recently posted..The Results Of 30 Before 30 As I Turn 30

  2. You can do it! Setting a timer is a great reminder to help you out– I also like the rubberband trick. I place 3 black jumbo rubberbands on my wrist each morning to remind me to take my vitamins– it works! Also try buying one of those old school m-f pill boxes and fill it for the week and place it by your computer– it will get your attention & you will never forget. I’m happy that you are taking the steps to stay healthy– healthy mommie, healthy family 🙂

  3. Haha, I sure did think you meant BC pills!! I’m glad you’re vowing to make a change. You have to make it a lifestyle change this way it becomes second nature. I am trying to be more healthy as I have high cholesterol also hereditary! Ugh Let’s do it girl!
    Aracely recently posted..Madison’s room to grow reveal

  4. WHOOP WHOOP! I’m happy that today is the day! I should be the one to say something but there is nothing to say. You’ve got the diet under control. That is most peoples problem. You already have it figured out. I will say, you can find a med that has manageable side effects. Please take care of that, BP is the silent killer. Your reading is actually not too bad. The top number is below your goal of 140/90, but you want to be at your best. I would suggest low impact cardio just for cardio protective benefits and not necessarily weight loss. GOOD LUCK and congrats again on taking the step forward toward better health.
    Joi recently posted..Not Your Ordinary Condom

  5. Good for you for taking control of your health. There’s so many people who need you especially the kids. I take for granted that I have no health problems even once I gained weight. I know I need to be healthy too especially for my kids. So after I have my baby I will join you on the quest to get healthy. Good luck! You can do it!
    Kim recently posted..35 Weeks- Braxton Hicks Contractions

  6. Okay, yea, it’s time for you to get serious. Set the timer for your workout time as well and be sure to tell the doctor about changing your pills to reduce sleepiness. It’s possible, just maybe, that a change will not cause headaches.

    I need to workout as well, but – well, but is not the right word – my physical pain due to health issues and my mental state make it more than just a challenge. I have to get my movement creatively. Read: trick myself. 🙂

    Good luck. You can sooooo do this.
    Petula recently posted..Love month – for me, for you…

  7. I also go through periods where I’m not good with taking my medicine (for a different issue). One thing that keeps me going is that I fear getting sick and M not having a mama (or at least a well mama). I feel I owe it to her to be in the best health possible.

    On the other hand, I don’t understand your need to be thick. 🙂 Actually, I guess I can understand since I used to be a beanpole. Then I wished for hips and a booty. In a matter of five years, they appeared out of nowhere — SUPER-SIZED, I should add. Be careful what you wish for. (Though at this point, it’s probably clear that you will always be thin. Be glad.)

    As for exercise, find what you like. Didn’t you mention that you used to run? Did you like it? Now is a great time to run again as there are organizations and programs out there for new runners galore (or runners who are starting over again).

    But again, find something you like. (Zumba? Like to dance?)

    Anyhoo, see your doc about getting another prescription. And start popping those pills!
    G K recently posted..A Letter to My Daughter

  8. im getting on my own grind to live better and healthier. For me its not so much about losing weight but just feeling physically better. I’m on it! you betta be on it too as far as that preesha goes sis. Thats no joke
    Krissy recently posted..Whats the haps!?

  9. What better month to make a resolution but the month of love!! Forget January, February is where it is at! Here’s to loving yourself and furthermore showing your family that you love them by loving yourself!

    It has always been hard for me to take pills as well, part of the reason I got on the ring because I just couldn’t keep up and didn’t want to end up knocked up when we weren’t ready!! I’ve been taking those vita-gummies for about 4 months and I must say they have really increased my interests in taking my daily dosages!! They are so delicious! Who would think Vitamins are delicious!! Get your kids hooked on them and they will ask for them and you can make it a family thing! However, you’d have an extra pill – at least you’d remember to take one!!

    Be blessed
    Kay recently posted..#NaturalHair #FreeToBeMe @AfricanPride Giveaway @LoveNWright (2 Winners)

  10. I’ve recently started taking my vitamins and supplements on the daily. I’ve even set a reminder on my phone because I am too forgetful. I can say that I have noticed a spike in my mood and my energy which is what I need with all that I have going on.

    Be mindful of your health. Your family needs you. (:
    Carla recently posted..Rejoining the World of the Employed.

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