We saw BRAVE

Last week I had the pleasure of taking the kids to see Disney’s new movie Brave.

I think I was more excited about going than they were because I love a good IMAX 3D movie experience. Man, these kids have no idea. Remember how really one dimensional our 3D was back in the day? I digress.

From the opening sequence I was sucked in. The cinematography was awesome. I think the one tiny detail that I found totally captivating was her hair. The red tendrils in 3D were amazing. Addison tried to reach out and touch them a couple of times!!

In summary without giving any spoilers…which I am good at, the movie is about a young girl trying to get her mother to understand her desire to live her life how she wants. The problem lies in that allowing her to do so would jeopardize and go against their kingdom’s traditions. In the process of trying to get her mother to understand she makes a drastic and tragically bad decision and in working through the issue she and her mother learn a very valuable lesson.

This is indeed a great movie to take the family out to see to beat the summertime boredom blues. Here’s a few clips.

*I attended a free screening of the movie. All opinions are my own*

Did you attend the opening weekend of Brave? If not, based on this awesome review do you plan on heading out to see it this weekend?! If so, have some popcorn for me.

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    Hope you are fine!

    Thank you so much for sharing like this post. I also like to enjoy movie. When I get time I enjoy some of the science fiction movie . Thanks

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