{Weekend Vlog} Tardy for the Party. Day Trip. What Superbowl

I tell you. If  I am going to do these weekend vlogs and continue with them I am going to have to get my technology together. ASAP. I’m going to need a lighter camera and a better computer. If I told you I had to upload this video overnight and it failed FIVE times before I was finally able to get it published, would you believe me?

Well that’s the story on why this post was not uploaded on Monday as it should’ve been. Ugh. Thank you all for watching and telling me via Social Media how much you are enjoying these weekly real life peeks into my life! I appreciate it. Make sure to follow on Youtube if you aren’t already!

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    1. I’m serious. I would rather drive 30 minutes out of my way than risk something happening to my baby. I hate to see people letting their children ride without seats and have the nerve to say I’m a good driver. I just can’t.

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