Weekend Wrap Up

Hi Friends!

Hope your weekend was well. We didn’t do much but the little that we did do was EPIC.

We found a house!!


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To be honest with you I am not absolutely in love with the house. See the beauty of being a picky human is people can ask you why a particular person, place or thing doesn’t do it for you and the only logical answer you can mutter is I don’t know.

So please don’t ask me what it is about this house that I am not totally jumping up and down about because it is in the right neighborhood, my children will go to schools that are rated a 10, the community is mixed, the kitchen and bathrooms have been updated, there is tons of character, outdoor space, a home theater and a special spot for my garden yet and still.

So maybe it’s the fact that the decor is not to my liking. It will likely take about 1,953,714 gallons of paint and a whole heap of sweat equity to get it there but it has potential. I had to put on my Property Brothers eyes but I see it…now the hard work. This will likely become a home decor blog, as there are many projects to complete. But they will get done….eventually

However, lets not jump the gun. It is likely not worth the asking price so we will hold our breath until the appraisal comes back. As of now the closing date is July 25.

God has truly taken us on a winding journey with this one. With every turn and rejection a lesson to be learned. Today I learned that although our blessing may not come in the package that we wanted it to, He sent it how it was meant to be received. It is up to us to be thankful. On this day, I am thankful.

How was your weekend. Anything worth calling home about?

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  1. Congrats MIMI!!!! I am so excited for you. Such a blessing. When I bought my house it was a dump, so be happy you are not starting from scratch! A LOT of elbow grease (and paint) and we love it. Can’t wait to see you get started (and I should hope Home Depot takes the opportunity to fund this — hint hint) sorry my mind is all Biz minded since Blogging While brown 😉
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted..The One with the Baby and the Attitude

  2. Congratulations! I’m excited for you and your family. So glad you found a house in a neighborhood that you love and with a great school system. The material stuff will come as you paint the walls and make it your own.
    Brandi recently posted..Butterfly Wreath

  3. COngratulations!!!
    I felt that way about our house when we moved. I was Ok with it, but not jumping up and down. All I could see was the million and one things that need to be done. ( I am so with you on the painting. Damn near EVERY room needs to be painted in this house!) and I was upset that we couldn’t get something in the school district of MY choice. But the price was so right, and it is a great house. And now, it’s growing on me! LOL
    ( I am so late with my response to this post! Forgive me!)

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