What I Learned at BlogHer

To be brutally honest while there is a lot to learn about blogging, there really isn’t…if that makes any sense. Generally I feel if you have been on any Twitter chat or browsed the Internet you don’t need a conference to tell you what to do to create a successful blog.


In a nut shell these are the cornerstones of blogging in my opinion. These concepts are quite easy to understand but implementation is the hard part. This is where conferences come in handy. Nothing like being in a room with people making upwards of $50K blogging while your struggle over ditching reality television to blog is sooooo real. <<< *looking straight ahead*

The keynote speakers that were in attendance really had some true insight on where blogging is going and it was very inspiring. Martha Stewart even had something dynamic to say about valuing your work as a blogger and charging appropriately if paid opportunities is the route you are looking to take.

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Here are a few other invaluable key tips to take on your blog journey if you so choose:

  • Find a network of bloggers that are blogging on your level and create an informal support network
  • Don’t be afraid to lose followers if you decide to take your blog in a different direction. You’ll lose readers but you will also gain some
  • Maintain a clean and professional appearance on your blog….even if you are just starting out. First impressions are lasting ones
  • It will take time to build brand relationships. Be resilient and diligent
  • When approaching brands spell out how you can benefit their brand and how their brand can benefit you. You are looking to create a partnership not a I want free stuff relationship

The sessions I attended were: The Brand Blogger Connection, Strategic Content Development Across Multiple Media: Onstage, Onscreen and Online, and Pro Tips: Branding and Blogging Professionally.

There was also a vlogging bootcamp but the session was too full and I wasn’t able to get in. If you want to hear these sessions first hand, BlogHer has been so kind as to link transcripts to the sessions. Please check out Virtual Conference if you would like to see details about the information that was exchanged during conference sessions.

If you are a blogger do you find these tips helpful in deciding what direction to take your blog in? If you aren’t a blogger did you have any idea the game was this serious?!!


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  1. Enjoyed reading your post. I loved the conference and your list was great. I love my small blog, and am new to blogging. I think people sometimes forget that not everyone is at the same level, and some are not competitive. I hope everyone gets out of their blog what they are looking for.

  2. Reading your BlogHer posts and others like it keep me motivated to keep going in the direction I’m going. I’m making small subtle changes on my blog, and realize as you’ve stated, all readers won’t go with me. Eventually my hardwork will pay off.

    Huge and Mocha,
    Stesha recently posted..Back To School Report 2012-2013

  3. Thanks for sharing these! I am happy I got a chance to see Martha too! I hate that the vlogging was so full because I wanted to go to that one too! Chi-Town next year! We will hit up some of my favorite spots if you are down! Great meeting you and I hope to see you again soon!
    Rhonda recently posted..If it’s your party…

  4. Thanks for sharing what you learned. I use my blog as an outlet, but I’m well aware of that it’s serious business. I don’t think many people outside of blogging understand out serious it can be.

  5. Thanks for sharing what you learned. I use my blog as an outlet, but I’m well aware of that it’s serious business. I don’t think many people outside of blogging understand how serious it can be.

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