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Lately I have really been enjoying the random facts posts I have been seeing on other blogs, some of the most frequent ones coming from Shaken not Blurred ,Rose’s Daughter and Don’t Get Excited.. it’s Just Me. Its always a good thing to see how much you have in common with other people. At the end of the day crossing all color lines, religious barriers, geographic regions we are all people and its fun to see what makes others tick or sick. So without further adieu 31 random facts about me and my life….

I am 31
I’ve been married for 5 years, and we got married at the courthouse.
I graduated from Florida A&M University..that’s where I met the Mr.
I finished my MBA last Sunday…Can I get Woot Woot!
I watch music videos ALOT..as in right now Usher “Let it Burn” is playing
I love reality television The trashier the better.  Twitter gets my commentary on Sundays. Follow Me!
My son plays the piano really well, despite the fact I only practice with him the night before his weekly lesson
I really wish I could dance
I long to be really neat, and keep a perfect house..but I haven’t figured out how to make that happen
I am starting to like cooking…a teeeeeny bit
When I close MY room door everyone in this house knows what that means. LEAVE ME ALONE
I love nail polish, and to make me feel like a laaaaady I paint them once a week..sometimes
If I don’t have a shopping list, I will walk around the store aimlessly wasting time
I hate pumping gas, I will drive until 2 miles to empty..pointless, I still have to pump it
If I have to buy alot of stuff from Target I will make two trips. SEEMS like I didn’t spend as much $ that way
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is one of my favorites..the sled scene *dead*
I really do think I am as fly as I was in college..probably not
All of the folks I know that continuously complain will be cut off in the new year. Fix it and move on
I am a breastfeeding mama
I like “hood” music..I try not to listen when the kids are in the car
I drive a mommy car…I call it the MILF mobile
Mr. drives a fast car, I don’t drive it that much. When I do I turn up the T.I. and put the peddle to the metal sans babies
I love the Mr. He’s from Miami, Trick Daddy Miami. He’s overcome alot and still keeps it real when needed but he sure can fool you when he puts that suit on…when he takes it off #thuglove
I want an iPad
I despise washing dishes, although it seems like that is all I do
I like folding warm clothes that smell like fabric softener
Community service is soo important. I fell off after having the baby, next year back on it
I used to care what people thought, but now I could careless..Like it? Great. If not..I’ll holla
I used to wear name brands, Gucci, Fendi you name it. Now if its Xhilaration or Mossimo I’m good with it!
I am the HAPPIEST I HAVE EVER BEEN..Life is good

There you have it, 31 one random facts. Have anything you want to share?!!

About the author
Mom, wife and friend. I moonlight as a cooker, baker, laundry folder and organizer. I like to think I do it in style. Unlikely Martha is my contribution to the internet in helping women "Keep House and Stay Fly!"


  1. LOVE this! You're adorable…I laughed through this! We have much in common! (not liking dishes, nail polish, happiest I've ever been too, love target brands, long to be neat!, LOVE trashy reality tv!!)

  2. I love your list! I hate pumping gas, and will let it stay on empty drive home and tell the hubby, haha! If I don't have a grocery list I'll pick up all kinds of random things I don't need like, which is why I make hubby come with me so he can tell me to put stuff back, lol

  3. GAH, we have a lot of these things in common, lol!

    Reality Tv, wish I could dance, want to be neat, the shipping list thing, hate pumping gas, Beyonce, National Lampoon, hate dishes, love warm laundry!!

  4. We have a lot in common!!!
    I love reality TV, Hood music(even though i will deny deny deny), I hate dishes, I;ve been married 5 years and we got married at the courthouse! And one day, my house WILL be neat!!!! ONE DAY!!!LOL

  5. Love this! I'm right with you on more than half of these but the one that made me realize something that I do is the Target one! Why am I in Target like 2 – 3 days a week? I didn't even realize that it's because I never want to spend all the money at once. Hilarious.

  6. Love it! I hate pumping Gas and I work in a state where it is illegal to pump your on gas. I only get gas when I am working.. Thanks for the post, it was fun!
    besos, lynn

  7. Congrats on the MBA!

    I love Christmas Vacation too. My fav seen is when the squirrel has everyone running through the house.

    When people ask what to give my 4 month old for xmas, I say she's been asking for an iPad.

  8. We share a lot of commons too lol. Except, I can't do hood music. icant! Lol. It hurts my soul! Lol. Every so often I come across a song on the radio and find myself bouncin to it. But really that's rare lol. I go crazy for R&B tho. CA_RAY_ZEEE!

  9. We have a ton in common…I went to the other & (better) A&M:) Alabama A&M…Love hood music! Met my hubby at school too. HATE no…LOATHE pumping gas! I breastfed my daughter until she 9 mo's!…I can go on!

    Perhaps I should do a challenge like this instead of my 30 day blog challenge I miserably failed at…SMH…Great Post


  10. WOW I love this and like the others before we have so much in common! Love the MILF mobile LMAO! I think I'll try this too! #stealinit

  11. Congrats on your MBA!!

    Like everyone else, we have a lot in common! I am praying for the day I see my house organized. I don't actually cook… Ever. I'll walk aimlessly around the store, shopping list or not. I like wasting time. My hubby's car is off limits to me because he says I don't need to go that fast.

  12. Kudos and congratulations for finishing your MBA!!!

    Whew, did we marry cousins??? *lol* I tease him and call him the Intelligent Gangsta.

    Um, yeah, a neat house. Not gonna happen around these parts, so I just gave up that pipe dream.

  13. I love that you also wander without a list at the store…I swear it's like I'm a lost puppy. I too love Christmas Vacation and the MILF Mobile still has me crackin up!

  14. How did I miss this post? I think something is wrong with my Google. I like to hood music too!! And yes, I try not to listen to it all that much around Moo. I’m also a breastfeeding mama. Go Boobs!! LOL.

    And congrats on getting your MBA. I’m going back to school this fall to finish up my college education. And my husband is from Miami too!! Who would have thought?

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