Zara Maxi Dress

my new favorite dress

This heat lately. Y’all know I love my plants and lets just say they’ve all burned up, so the sun and I aren’t on particularly good terms right now.

I’m so thankful for the ability to avoid the outdoors at all costs and I have been practicing my right to stay inside during the hottest parts of the day cause, in the words of my husband, ” It’s hot out that doe.”

Zara Maxi Dress

My fashion jam right now are dresses in the shift and maxi variety. I don’t want to look all made up and slay daily, I just want to put a dress over my head, put on a necklace and some shoes and keep it moving.

Zara Maxi Dress

Looking put together is intentional and as simple as a dress, a necklace, and some shoes. That’s it.

Last summer my Gap dress came through. I wore the you know what out of that dress and it has been placed in the dresser with the rest of the well loved clothing items that have reduced themselves to house wear.

Needed a new one.

Zara Maxi Dress

This $22.90 special at Zara is my new love. Light, flowy and everything that is put on and go. I got this in Austin, and have been meaning to get downtown and pick it up in all of the colors.

But again, HEAT.  So I’ll just keep washing and wearing this one. Last night trying to eat and drive I spilled polynesian sauce all down the front of it. I hope it comes out.

The wine I spilled on it here came out. Fingers crossed. You have to follow me on Snapchat at UnlikelyMartha to get all of the good stuff as it goes down.

What’s your go style in the heat?


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  1. Shorts, tees and dresses are definitely my go-to during the summer months. This heat down South gets unbearable and having clothes that will allow your skin to breathe and feel the coolness is essential.
    K. Elizabeth recently posted..Thankful Thursday

  2. Shorts, tanks and I’m just now jumping on the dress train! It’s so hot down here in sunny Florida and along with the humidity I can’t deal, just like yourself I try to stay inside if I am not obligated to go out. Loving your nails!!

  3. Mann.. the heat is no joke and it isn’t even summer yet. I absolutely love that dress on you and I can just tell it is comfortable.

    I’m all about dresses this summer as well. I went on a Ross haul last weekend and treated myself to a few that I’m sure my body will appreciate when I’m out and about throughout the summer.
    Rae recently posted..This Week + Celebrating.

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