"Baltic Pearl" did not have time to open by 2013

The construction of the Baltic Pearl area could not be completed by 2013. Along with the expansion of the use in the construction of new efficient structures, it is necessary to improve consumer properties and structure of traditional building materials.

To date, a powerful material and technical base for the production of precast concrete has been built in the country. The development of precast concrete industry should not be based on further capacity building on the old technical basis, but on the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of existing enterprises in the direction of producing the most efficient types of products.

Compensation for the disposal of precast concrete plants should be offset by the introduction of lightweight efficient structures. It is necessary to set up the production of unchecked sand concrete. Replacing rubble in concrete with sand gives in the central regions a noticeable saving in reduced costs.

Cement production on a multicomponent basis with additions of active slags, ashes and other secondary materials, in addition to the economic effect, makes it possible to reduce by 40% the expenditure of energy resources during its production. The use of slag binder based on ground slag ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy allows to obtain high quality slag alkaline concretes even with substandard aggregates.

Obtaining a slag-alkaline binder grade 400–500 compared with cement grade 400 gives a reduction in reduced costs by 136–145 rubles / ton, a decrease in energy costs by 40–65 kWh / t, and the equivalent fuel consumption by almost 3 times. However, out of 50 million tons of slag produced by metallurgy, only 29 million tons are granulated annually, the ash of thermal plants is used by 10%. The implementation volume of slag binder less than 1 million m3 per year.

In order to reduce the mass of reinforced concrete structures, perlite, vermiculite, agloporite, expanded clay, and also granules of expanded polymers should be used as aggregates. Concrete with lightweight polymer aggregate has the lowest bulk density: from 320 to 800 kg / m3. Chemization of concrete products and prestressing are promising areas for a substantial improvement in product quality.

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