Trampolines and how to choose them

A trampoline is a springy net stretched on a horizontal frame so that you can jump on it, do gymnastics with the corners of the body.

Today, jumping on them is used as entertaining rides for children and adults, as well as in fitness clubs. In addition to pleasure, this type of exercise is also useful - the spine is strengthened, the figure is put in order with absolutely imperceptible physical exertion.

Trampolines, which are located in gyms, are very large in size, several people can train on them at once.

However, trampolines for the home have recently become increasingly popular. Their small size allows you to place the structure inside the house or apartment, it is easy to assemble it. All springs or shock absorbers for home use are usually soft and durable. Scope of delivery includes the necessary tools to assemble trampolines yourself.

Trampolines for home can not be afraid to tear or break, because usually their coating is dense, and the edge provides reliable protection.

When purchasing such a product for use, you need to know how to choose a trampoline. Do not rush, it is better to consult with relatives, find out which models they like, together solve the issue of the type and model, where to install it, etc.

The next question is why you want to buy this thing, why you choose a product, looking at trampolines for the home on the pages of online stores. Do you need it for fitness or entertainment? Can you handle the load for which professional trampolines are provided? Perhaps you will have enough amateur?

So, how to choose a trampoline that you need among sports and amateur ones?

Amateur usually have round frame types, since a person jumping in the center is equidistant from all points of the frame. If you are a beginner, then the exercises will be performed much easier, since the surface is made of polypropylene, it is not as "jumping" as sports. Those who have a private home can put such a sports equipment on the street. For those who have an apartment, there is an alternative solution - to install a nursery - it can easily fit in a room with a standard ceiling height.

Sports have "safety tables", the size of their frame is 52 * 30 m, set by experts. They put it where the ceiling height is from 8 meters. But if your ceilings allow, then you should pay attention to the manufacturer: European, Asian or Russian. They cost a lot, are installed by specialists, but they withstand about 300 kg, so you can safely jump on such a trampoline with the whole family.