Four hundred year old pine of Belebeyevsky forestry

In Bashkiria, centuries-old trees have survived very little. However, individual specimens are still found. In sq. 44 Belebeevsky forestry near the village of Zhukovka near the holiday home grows uterine pine, whose age is about 400 years (determined by Moscow scientists from the Institute of Forestry). The circumference of the trunk was measured at chest height; it turned out to be equal to 400 cm, i.e. three girths. Its height is more than 30 m. According to the stories of local residents, several decades ago, the pine tree rose to 80 m, but lightning split it and broke the top. This giant tree is now towering over other pine trees. The 80-100-year-old pines growing next to it seem to be crayons in comparison with the mighty trunk of the uterine pine. It grows among pine bark. The grass cover is quite rich. We have noted about 40 species — common chickpea, common hedgehog, forest geranium, Ural rebroodnik, unclear lungwort, common black-headed clover, creeping clover, medium plantain, tricolor violet, spring rank, wild strawberry, thistle codose, lambweed, coryopod, coryopod, starlet zlachka, medicinal letter, oregano, highlander, Bashkir cabbage, Siberian hogweed, lupine clover, black root medicinal, urban gravilat, timothy grass meadow, dog regneria, budra p yuschevidnaya, pyrethrum schitkonosny, bird grechishka, speedwell broadleaf et al.

From the above list of plants it can be seen that there is not a single species that would be typical of pine forests. In the pine forests of the Belebeyov Upland there are no blueberries and lingonberries. In more humid places on grassy-motley glades near the uterine pine, in addition to the species noted above, cyanosis azure, European bathers, thin-leaved peas, St. John's wort perforated, and sticky tar were found. Closer to the forest edge in this quarter, in more xerophytic conditions, spring adonis is found, and in the neighboring square. 42 organized a special reserve for the protection of medicinal plants. Here in the pine forest Chilizhnikov in the floodplain of the river. Rya quite a lot of spring adonis. The pine forest of about four hundred year old pine is sparse, there is a lot of admixture from warty birch, aspen. In the undergrowth, a warty spindle tree, raspberries. In places, the pine-birch forest turns into aspen-lime. In sq. 44a, aspen predominates. May lily of the valley grows in abundance. There were up to 30 pieces. shoots of lily of the valley. Thus, the whole quarter 44 of the Belebeyevsky forestry of the Belebeyevsky forestry has been declared a natural monument. Dozens and hundreds of people come here every year to see the pine-uterus. It is necessary to enclose this pine tree not with a large hedge, near it put a full house with the inscription that it is a natural monument, indicate its age. Popular online slots for free with exciting bonus offers