Cash reward child

In many families, a fairly common situation is to encourage children for their work, and this is a monetary promotion. For example, parents give 20 rubles for washing dishes, and 50 rubles for cleaning the room. Evaluations are also encouraged by money, if they are good, and for poor grades at school, parents withdraw a certain amount of money from the child. Does such a system of upbringing take place, or should parents still refuse it?

The reward methodology itself is not bad, but, according to psychologists, parents should reward the child not with money and money, but with something else, for example, stickers or points. If the child is encouraged with money, then as a result, your child will not do anything without encouragement, not only in childhood, but also in adulthood. If the encouragement is not excessive, then the child is inculcated from childhood the necessary norms of behavior. Each child is an individual who has his positive qualities and weaknesses. Each baby also has his or her least favorite occupation, for example, cleaning a room or washing dishes. If you encourage only those completed tasks that the child does not like to do, then this will positively affect his behavior. In particular, over time, a little little man will get used to doing what his parents tell him, and will do so without encouragement.

In fact, many experts cannot come to a consensus on the incentive system, just like parents. Therefore, in each individual case, its own approach to raising a child is necessary, and who. Do not parents know more about the nature and habits of their baby? If parents have certain problems with raising a child, then it is better to contact a qualified psychologist in time, who will be able to solve the problem quickly enough. If you have any concerns with regards to where by and how to use macy' you can get in touch with us at our web-page.