To improve the culture of passenger service will have to conclude an agreement

However, parking is not all. We want to organize a car service as expected. Back in 1980, a box was built at the station for the inspection of cars. In the summer it is loaded with strength two days a week, and there is no need to talk about winter. The equipment is idle, and we pay for its depreciation. At present, a team is already being created, which in an empty box will deal with minor car repairs. According to preliminary estimates, the use of this premises will yield an income of more than 20 thousand rubles per year.

In order to improve the culture of passenger service, ”V. Vedutov continues,“ for sure, an agreement will also have to be concluded with some cooperative engaged in transport services. Today we are no longer satisfied with the quality of taxi work. After all, as it happens: a tourist, having arrived in Odessa, is waiting for the ordered car, but it is not. Moreover, these delays have already become chronic. But in fact, not the client should wait for the car, but vice versa. And so it will be. It's time to the concept of "car service" to return to its original value ...

Today, in the waiting room of the marine station, the passenger simply cannot rest. It is necessary to have enviable endurance and iron nerves in order not to react to the constant howl of sirens, automatic bursts, desperate screech of cars and death cries of movie heroes shown in the Video Deck. A small salon is constantly filled with people. But what about those who are not satisfied with his repertoire or who want to relax with a book, take a nap, in the end?

And they already thought about it. "Video deck" survives the last days on the second floor of the sea terminal, but does not stop its existence. The seaport purchased a hydrofoil ship, which will house the cabin. Then he will not only justify his name, but also be able to simultaneously serve a much larger number of passengers, without bringing the rest to a stressful state ...

It is already safe to say that such leaders as V. Vedutov were put forward by time itself. Well, when else would such a troublesome, internationally important economy be entrusted to a person whose life has just exceeded the third ten?

Five years ago, the seaport was doomed to pre-planned losses - up to 300 thousand rubles. per year, and last year he gave over 1 million rubles. income. The emergence of new forms of passenger service, the provision of additional services to the population is, first of all, the merit of the head of the seaport, who took the time as allies.

There is such a stereotype - “do not stop there”, but in this case it is still appropriate. If only because Vedutov believes: the millionth income can be ... doubled.

- Now, together with the port authorities, we are deciding on the creation of a large cooperative at the sea terminal. He will have to not only provide people with additional services, but also constantly seek and find new forms of service. This cooperative will help a person to feel not a guest, but the owner of the station. I’ll try to list what he’ll do for a start: providing transportation services, expanding the service area for porters, minor repairs of clothes and shoes, selling necessary goods to passengers. Domestic services for us will remain the main concern, although it was the seaport that gave the port last year two-thirds of the plan in this area.

It is necessary to improve the quality of public services. I will give you such an insignificant example. We terminated the contract with Rembyttekhnika, which had a “point” for watch repair here. Both the pace and quality of work did not suit our customers. Now we are concluding an agreement with a team of watchmakers, which undertakes to repair any watch brands in a short time, be it Glory or Seiko. Not to mention the fact that this will significantly improve the quality of service for Soviet and foreign passengers, I note: this form of work will bring the seaport over 20 thousand rubles of additional income per year ... $5 minimum deposit casino